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Sweet vintage (late 70s early 80?) Studiomaster 16/4/2 mixing board. Made in England and babied by it's one older American owner. This lived in his studio where (according to family) only he was permitted to touch it. Physically it is nearly showroom Every cap, knob, button and fader is present and in excellent condition. The metal housing and wood trim is also nearly perfect with only a few of the slightest blemeshes. I tested this board with a powered monitor, several mics and a Takamine classical with built in pickup.The treblefrequency is a fixed shelf, but having parametric style EQ (sweepable)on both midsand lowscoupled with a low cut filter makes for fantastic tonal options.British EQ really is awesome! I will add the full results in next day or two but so far all the pots are clean and secure (not that loose feelinglike they have been shot with cleaner or lubricant)If you like vintage gear put this one in your watch list. I'll be back for a complete update soon. Oh, comes with a power cable and the original owner's manual, also in new condition

Yours in Music,

2007 Woessner

On Nov-14-11 at 11:14:48 PST, seller added the following information:

Wow! 42 views 14 Watchers and 3 offers in only 12 overnight hours. Thought I better get back ASAP. Here are my findings:

The Good: Everything written above and this: All Channel XLR ins, 1/4" ins and the direct outs/insert jacks are perfect. The direct outs are post EQ so that alone would make this great analogue front end to any recording rig. Aux 1,2 and 3 are perfect and sum together without noise to their respective 1/4" out jack. Nice feature is that each Aux has it's own "Solo" button in the master section so you can hear it separately from everything else. There are four 1/4" line out jacks in the master section. Each carries signal. I also got all of the LEDs to light up. I pushed every assign button and they latch perfectly . The only one that does not is the one that assigns the talkback mic to go to Aux 3. I don't know if this is a defect or "push to talk" feature because it is a talkback mic. I am thinking the latter.

The Bad: only one so far as I can tell, but it's a biggie. The main out LEDs do move to the input signal assigned to them but I can not get any actual signal out of the main left and right XLR jacks. It could be me missing something but I am going to say that that the left and right mains out do not work. This also means that I am unable to test the condition of the faders as well. (unless someone out there who knows these boards well has a suggestion) I am always ready to learn. Again, they seem sound without the "shot full of cleaner feel" but I can't say for sure. With this added information, if those of you who have offer would like to retract, I completely understand. I apologize for not knowing this at the onset.

Last observation: This board looks really easy to work on. All the phillips screws holding it together are easily accessible. They look to be untouched since they left the factory ie all the color is still in the head. If someone is savvy at old school electronic repair his could be an easy fix.Please ask questions before you offer not after sales end. I will reply ASAP. I will mail via USPS to your confirmed paypal address insured to the winning offer.. I expect to be paid promptly at sales end or soon there after. You can expect the board to be mailed promptly next business day. I always leave kind words and 5 star response to my customers. Please do the same once your mixer arrives. Thank you all!2007woessner

On Nov-16-11 at 12:48:15 PST, seller added the following information:

Hi all! The $50.00 shipping is what I will charge to the winning buyer IN THE CONTINENTAL US ONLY. It will cost me substantially more than that but I will cover the additional expense to keep the shipping cost reasonable for the buyer. INTERNATIONAL buyers MUST CONTACT ME 1ST AND GET A FINAL INVOICE BASED ON THE ACTUAL SHIPPING COST TO THEIR LOCATION. AGAIN, A CONFIRMED PAYPAL ADDRESS AND POSITIVE response IS REQUIRED OR YOUR offer WILL BE CANCELLED. THANK YOU

On Nov-19-11 at 10:07:59 PST, seller added the following information:

Well this is a first. I have to publically rescind on a reply I offered to a potential buyer from Austraila. My bad for not checking international rates before responding. According to the USPS websitethe only way to ship something this substancial (up to 70 lbs.) is via "Global Express Guaranteed for the sum of $650.00. Sorry, but thatsnot happening. Less expensive methods cut off at 40 lbsand are still hundreds of dollars. My only international experience has been to Canada and International US military bases. (THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SERVE!). Those were rates were steep but doable. Let's try to keep this contintal US . Overseas buyers. I'll go up to $50.00 out of my pocket to help. The rest will be your responsibility. This is coming from USpostal zip Code 27596. Please contact me prior to offerding for your actual shipping cost. Sorry for the inconvienece.

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