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Sado Japan Japanese Mingei Yakan Gold Kettle Tetsubin Tea Pot Tea Ceremony Art For Sale

Sado Japan Japanese Mingei Yakan Gold Kettle Tetsubin Tea Pot Tea Ceremony Art

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Sado Japan Japanese Mingei Yakan Gold Kettle Tetsubin Tea Pot Tea Ceremony Art :

Approximate Dimensions in centimeters: (Please leave room for human analog error) Height x  Width x Depth = H23cm x W23cm x D20cm  *The color and shade may differ slightly depending on the shooting environment at the photo and the actual product.*   SOLD AS IS. AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURES.  NO RETURN, NO CLAIMS, NO EXCHANGE. PLEASE CHECK THE PICTURES PROVIDED CAREFULLY. Please read from Top to bottom.   JAPANESE ANTIQUES TRADING AND SHOPPING CENTER We are representing a group of local sellers, shops and collectors who are experiencing difficulty with expressing themselves in English but thus have excellent items and offerings. We are basically a trading assistant helping locals market their offerings for the whole world with our premium and customer-priority services. We are in principle, bridging local partners and worldwide potential clients and helping in easing the communication and cultural barriers by being the trusted partner in representing parties interested in marketing items and products worldwide. If you have any questions regarding our offerings, please do not hesitate to send us a message thru and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can. We try to represent our items as best as we can but sometimes there should be allowance for size and weight estimates due to differences in measuring and methods. Thus, items are as represented and shown as in the pictures included. All sales are final. We will ship only via EMS to provide safetiness to our clients and protect our interests as seller because this is the only service that has tracking information required by paypal in case of certain unavoidable circumstances. We dont entertain requests to ship via SEA or SAL unless we have developed long term business relationship with you. FEDEX is optional but is very expensive compared to EMS. Sometimes due to packages weighing over 30 kilos and or size over the size limit of EMS, we can only ship via FOB (Freight-on-Board) CARGO shipping via Jluggage.com. They are the most reliable and cost effective cargo shipping service available in Japan. BASIC STORE POLICY: 1.) All Sales are final. SOLD AS IS AS SHOWN IN PICTURES. No cancellations, no returns, no exchange.Please check the pictures carefully before deciding to buy. (Don't buy if you are not satisfied with the pictures provided, ask beforehand if needed or if you want more pictures) 2.) No returns unless we have shipped a significantly different item other than as shown in the pictures provided in the listing (mis-shipment). No return No Exchange. Items are sold on consignment basis. No Cancellation after purchase. Dont make an offer and later on change your mind about it and say that you had mistyped the digits or so, please check everything before hitting the commit to buy button. 3.) Shipping via EMS only (via Japan Post) unless otherwise arranged prior to winning or offerding. 4.) Handling time basically is within 5-10-15 business days excluding weekends.. Under certain circumstances it may exceed this period but in that case, we will inform you of any unexpected delay in shipment. SHIPPING and COMBINED SHIPPING POLICY: Please don't buy multiple items without getting a quote for shipping! Please ask beforehand before buying if you want a hassle free and problem-free checkout for more than 1 item purchases. All shipping quotes include a small portion for handling and packaging materials (we outsource a professional 3rd party warehousing and shipping company for all shipments). Also, if you are thinking that it is expensive, think that our rates are based in YEN ultimately and not USD. You pay in USD and we convert that to Yen. Currently the paypal exchange rates for Yen and USD is 74-75 YEN per 1 USD. We put a little buffer for the currency exchange rate fluctuations. Sometimes, we underestimate the shipping and handling costs provided, in that case, we subsidize the whole difference and won't charge you. But sometimes, too, we do overcharge based on the estimates provided and actual costs incurred, in such cases where there is a significant difference between the two, we automatically refund the excess to you paypal after shipment and knowing the costs after receiving our shipment report from the post office. Combined shipping is possible but to avoid further shipping costs issues, message us first and ask us for a quote for items which you want to buy from our store. Please send us a list of those items (title or item number would be ok). We will reply to you an estimated quote after a couple of days upon knowing it. If that is acceptable, please proceed to buying. If you skip this SOP for combined shipments, we reserve the right to seek payment as we deem proper for the combined shipping in the invoice later on. At this point, we don't accept requests for haggling the total costs or questions regarding how we came up with it later. In addition to get a rough estimate, add the individual shipping costs together of all items interested to your country and then imagine that it would be a little less than total amount but more than the individual costs. Shipping is based on Weight and not the size of the box. We do not ship COD as well, this is an international transaction so all payments must be received prior to processing and shipment. This is common sense, just as any seller would want to be treated, we reserve the right to ship via our own preferred methods so please dont impose SAL or SEA to us unless agreed upon prior. Payment Policy: 1.) After sales and listings ended and after we send the invoice via paypal (please check your email for this invoice), payment must be received within 3 days after closing. 2.) We reserve the right to send 2nd offers to the next winning buyer or cancel the transaction once the payment is not received within 3 days until the 7th day, nor any contact or email is not received from you. Thank you for your strict compliance of this House Rules regarding payments. After that, we will file an unpaid item dispute as due course. 3.) We reserve the right to deny purchase rights to any buyer who can not pay within 7 days upon payment. ***Automatically, we will send an UNPAID item REMINDER thru on the 4th day if no payment nor contact/email is received from you. Then on the 7th day, we will cancel the transaction is payment is still not yet received. We are in strict business here and time means money and we don't lose time waiting for buyers who can not even send an email letting us know their payment intentions or situation if there is any payment delay. PURCHASE FLOWCHART: 1.) All Payments is/are must be received. (Maximum waiting time for combined shipping purchases would be 1 WEEK). 2.) Item is arranged for local pickup and/or shipping as outsourced to professional shippers and packaging company. 3.) Once item is ready and passes our shipment quality control center and ready for batch pickup, tracking number will be assigned to each package/parcel/shipment order. 4) We will inform you of the tracking number by registering this in the transaction page in paypal or thru the messaging system. Please check your email and email spam folders for this email from us. Shipping/Handling Time and Policy: We are shipping via EMS (Japan Post) by default. It has tracking number online and is the safest and fastest and most reliable of all. We will inform you via Paypal and of the tracking number once it is shipped. Basically, we have 5-10-15 business (excluding weekends, depending on the item) days to process your items and orders, in case of delays, we will inform you of anything and update you via email. Please don't email us asking where your item or you have not receive your item during this handling period, all that we can answer is that your item is being processed so please wait until we contact you regarding that. Once shipped, we will send you an email containing the pictures how your order is packed and processed complete with copy of the shipping label and tracking number shown. Please click this link to track your item. (Link goes to EMS Website) Additional Services: We help international buyers with regards to customs duties and taxes by heeding to certain requests with regards to the value declared. By default, since we are aware of the high and hefty taxes being paid by European clients, we normally declare value of the packages no more than $30 to help with saving on the overall purchase costs.On top of everything, we are confident that we are providing top packaging services that assure safety of the package. In fact, we do send packaging pictures prior to shipment to your paypal payment email address so that you can check how the package is shipped and know what to expect to arrive as well. NOBODY does this in ! Only us do this kind of brand of service and we are so proud of this. We are so happy that many clients really appreciate this extra work we do and this can be attested by our personalized responses from our clients and patrons. WE DO PERSONALIZED SERVICE AND ASSURE YOUR HAPPINESS WITH DOING BUSINESS WITH US. If there are no concerns regarding the duties and taxes, we automaticall insure the items and orders to the fullest value of the transaction for free to compensate for any risks.WE SHIP ANYTHING! (WHETHER YOU ARE BUYING A FURNITURE, LARGE ITEM, LIFE-SIZE STATUES, TAIKO Drums OR ANYTHING BIG UNDER THE SUN...) FOB CARGO Shipping via JLUGGAGE.COM For shipping more than 30 kilos and those packages above the size limits of EMS by the Japan Post, we are using this most reliable and cost-efficient FORWARDING Company whom we have trusted for our big items for over 4 years already. We can and provide total logistics and cargo/crating services to all big shipments using the services of JLUGGAGE.com. By default, if EMS is not available, we will ship via this method (port-to-port) FOB. If you wish for exact door-to-door service, additional fees will apply aside from the quote we provide in the shipping calculator of . As per our personal advice, we pay a premium for door-to-door rates, so it would be more cheaper and better if you either pick up the item in your nearest local airport and or arrange for a local forwarder/broker company to do the paperwork for you and do the airport-to-your-door shipment. Usually the minimum costs per cargo shipment starts from $ 1000 (calculated based on the volumetric volume of the item but the minimum is 40 kilos' rate pegged at around $1000 ) + processing and other logistical fees that shall be incurred in securing your packages. Normally it is done FOB method, customer picks up the item in the nearest PORT (Sea or Air) and can clear the customs by themselves or just ask a local shipping company in your area to do this paperwork for you. To see how this fantastic company does their top-rate services far better and cheaper than any other available forwarding company, go to visit their website by clicking this link. REQUESTS? ⇒ ITEM FINDING SERVICES:   Shipping Options Comparison Chart Exchange rates will be based to $ 1.00 = ¥ 0.74 Our Shipping costs as quoted below inlcudes a subsidized and very minimal handling fee as allowance for the highly-changing exchange rates. (Almost actual shipping costs only based on this uniform exchange rate from the average behavior of the FOREX in Paypal) EMS is the DEFAULT SHIPPING METHOD, unless, otherwise agreed upon prior to offerding or purchase. Other shipping methods such as SAL and SEA will be only offered to buyers with whom we have had established cordial relationships. EMS is the most cost-efficient method based on our experience aside from its almost 100% safetiness of arrival. # Method Time Tracking Information Insurance Availability Size & Weight limit Safety Cost 1 EMS *Default shipping method 3 - 12 days Yes (here) Yes click here Very safe Normal 2 SAL parcel 14 - 42 days Yes(not online) Yes click here Not very Safe Cheap 3 Surface(SEA) parcel longer than 1 month Yes(not online) Yes click here Not very safe Cheap 4 Fedex 3 - 12 days Yes Yes Contact us Very safe Very expensive WHAT WE DON'T DO and some CAUTION to buyers in general: 1.) We do not buy and sell internationally, so please don't message us asking us to buy your inventory. If you have the time to do that, please list and sell it here in yourself. We will not respond to any messages to this effect. 2.) We do not appraise items via email or thru here. Sometimes, some people message us stating they found this treasure somewhere in their homes or some inheritance from their forefathers. We do not entertain and attend to such requests, please do find a local appaiser in your local area. 3.) We hate buyers who haggle shipping costs after putting their offers or offers or after buying the items. If you have concerns with the costs or wondering about other cheaper methods, please read the policies and text above before thinking again. However, if you still insist inspite of the risks, please have a respect to us, ask first for a quote before buying. We say yes or no if we can bend our rules to you (depending on your response or your buying relationship with us, or we may require a non-responsibility waiver via email or fax from you if you still insist on that)
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