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Shriner Car, Crue-Cut Mfg., Tin Lizzie, Parade Car For Sale

Shriner Car, Crue-Cut Mfg., Tin Lizzie, Parade Car

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Shriner Car, Crue-Cut Mfg., Tin Lizzie, Parade Car:

Up for sale is a "TIN LIZZIE" , Model T-10 Torpedo, from Crue-Cut Manufacturing. The story that I was told was the owner of a local construction company purchased this to use in parades. It sat in his warehouse for many years and was purchased by a friend of mine for his young daughter who drove the car a few times. This young daughter is now out of college and my friend decided it was time to sell. It has been stored inside for all of these years and is in very good condition. The main body is metal, and other that some wear on the paint from feet and just being in the warehouse, is in fantastic shape. The fenders are plastic and all are in great shape. The tires are weather checked and will air up but go down after a few days. The windshield frame, which is usually one of the first things to get broken,is in great shape. The controls for throttle and brake will all need attention as they have bound up after so many years of not being used. I put some fresh gas in the 3 horsepower Briggs & Stratton, and it fired up and idled after 4 or 5 pulls of the rope. I would recommend freshening the carb and fuel lines to insure trouble free performance.It comes with its original paperwork which is the Guarantee Card,Manual for the Briggs and Stratton and the assembly, operation and service and parts manual for the car.

I don'tknow what year this was built, but the paperwork on the engine has a 2/76 date on it. Of course this vehicle is not street legal and shouldbe used off road for entertainmentonly.

Please ask any questions before offerding. This item would be difficult to ship but I will help with this if needed.If it mustbe shipped truck freight, I will need an additional $100.00 to crate this up for shipping. Shipping costs will be the responsibility of the buyer. I will be traveling from Southern Colorado, through Arizona to Southern California the weekend of February 10-12. I will be happy to deliver along this route, free of charge.

Payment is to be made through PayPal within 5 days of sale ending.

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