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Smokemiester Barbecue Smoker, Converts a Covered Grill into a Pellet Smoker For Sale

Smokemiester Barbecue Smoker, Converts a Covered Grill into a Pellet Smoker

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Smokemiester Barbecue Smoker, Converts a Covered Grill into a Pellet Smoker:

Smokemiester Pellet BBQ Smoker converts a covered grill into a perfect Hot or Cold BBQ Smoker/Grill combination, at a fraction of the cost of a new Pellet Smoker, andNeeds No Power.Also available on , 304 Stainless Steel Smokemiester BBQ Smoker & 304 Stainless Steel Smokemiester BBQ Smoker & Extension.

For pellet grills, works for pre smoking & cold smoking only.

Our BBQ Smoker isunique, it hasNo Air Pump,it makes its own draft. Ithas aburn screen that allows free smoke circulation and prevents outlet tube clogging.

Our smoker installs, burns, and delivers pure dense smoke from outside of covered grills and smokehouses. The heat that's generated from the burning process is carried away in the air, leaving just smoke forCold Smoking. Installed on a covered grill, Smokemiester makes the perfectHot Bbq Smoker.It's easy to install, simple to use & self cleans without removal.

There is no other smoker that is easier to clean than Smokemiester. The cleaning instructions on most other smokers say that you have to remove the smoker from the bbq and heat up some water and soak it before you can even start cleaning. Our smoker is made of iron, this makes our cleaning process very very easy, to clean, just open both lids and put ¾ to 1 cup of pellets into smoker, light from the bottom until the pellets flame, let them burn out. When cool, brush away the residue inside of the smoker with a small wire brush.

Burns Food grade Wood Pellets, Wood Chips or Wood Chunks

Included FREE with purchase,2 cups of food grade pellets.

Why choose Smokemiester BBQ Smokers?
1. Laser cut, made with mild steel
2.Coated withhigh temperature (1200°F) paint,for durability & visual appeal
3. New lower lid design,givesprecise smoke control
4. Wooden knobs, can beusedwithout gloveswhen smoker is hot
5. Uniquepullout burn screen(no special tools to install or remove)
6. Lids & ash pan swing out of the way for lighting & cleaning

  • Installs in minutes to covered grills and smokehouses
  • Takes NO grill space
  • Ready to smoke in 5 Minutes or less
  • Large 4 inch diameter, makes filling easy
  • Holds 4 cups of pellets or chips
  • Smokes up to8 hours
  • Self cleaning, no mess to clean up

    Smokemiester Installation and First Time Use - YouTube

    Video will open in a new window

    [isdntekvideo] Installing Your SmokerYou need a 1 1/8" hole saw to drilla holein your bbq,BELOW THE BURNERS,insert outlet tube and secure with nuts supplied. If the connection to the bbq is on an angle, such as a kettle type, it can be installed with the addition of a 3/4" 45 degree pipe elbow and a short 3/4" nipple (not included). Avertical position of the smoker can be obtained by adjusting the angle of the 45 degree pipe elbow.
    Smokemiester BBQ Smoker Start UpOpen both lids on Smokemiester BBQ Smoker, and swing ash pan to the side. Place approximately 1 cup of pellets and / or wood chips inside of BBQ Smoker. Light BBQ Smoker from the bottom with a propane torch until it flames, and swing ash pan back into position. After approximately 5 minutes, close both lids on BBQ Smoker until flame is extinguished, then adjust smoke output with bottom lid.
    Reviewsdreamin47"I wish I would have found this years ago.Their photo is not fakethis is exactly how mine works.Very easy to install so simple to work.I was amazed.Thanks Smokemiester for awonder product,I will be buying another for my second grill."
    Riv2359"This saved me $1,000 by NOT buying a separate pellet smoker!! I was ready to spend around $1,000 on a pellet smoker when I saw the Smokemiester on Amazon. I read the great reviews with some skepticism, but I decided to try it. I bought the extended version for $169 that states it will provide smoke for 24 hours! I have a Masterbuilt electric smoker, and it works great...with one exception: overnight smoking. I've smoked briskets overnight in it, and they come out great, but not smoky enough because I did not add wood overnight. I bought the Smokemiester to fix this problem. I was able to install it in under 5 minutes, and all I needed was a hole saw bit and a wrench. I smoked two chickens and two pork loins with it the first night, and they came out FANTASTIC!! The Smokemiester put out more smoke than I ever had with the chip pan that originally came with the smoker. I used pellets, but it states that you can use chips or chunks also. It really is as easy as the other reviews say, and it really works as well as they claim. Cleaning up was a breeze. I can't say enough good things about this unit. I'm sure that it works great with a regular grill, but with an electric smoker, it's really "set it and forget it"."
    Joe from Whitehall, PA"Smokemiester just works fantastic. Ken is the real deal. He helped me with the install location of his product on my Charbroil Digital Smoker. It was very easy to install the Smokemiester. It took me about 5 mins. The day it arrived and after I installed it we smoked 17 Pork Chops to perfection. The next day we smoked 3lbs of Salmon to perfection. Ken we just love your product.Clean up of the Smokemiester is a breeze. Just follow the instructions. I also purchased the extension tube to use for longer smoke times. It works like a champ. Loaded it up and it went all night long. About 10 hrs for me using wood chips not pellets. Ken thank you for agreat and well built product that actually doeswhat you told me it would do. I will recommend this to all of my friends and family."
    Chris from Acworth, GA"This thing is really a great product. Once you are set with the proper tools this thing installs in less than 5 minutes. I just used it on my Masterbuilt smoker and I was blown away by the smoke it cranked into the chamber. I got an easy 6 hours of continuous smoke from the bag of Pellets that they provided to me with my order.This item is no joke it really works great. The product itself is very well made and should last many many years. Once its installed and snug its very sturdy."
    Don"I have a gas Smoke Hollow smoker and I don't like opening it up to add wood and watch my temperature drop. I was going to buy a Smoke Pistol but I wanted something that I could put chips, chunks, or pellets in. I didn't want to have to buy something special just to smoke with. So I decided on the SmokeMiester.
    Well when I got it I took it out and looked it over very careful and I have to say it is made well. It says you have to install it below the burners. Well on this smoker it seemed just a little hard to do that because the burners are so low. The ideal spot would be in the back right between the two burners but it is a little inconvenient.
    So I studied for a while and ended up mounting it on the lower right hand corner. Well let me tell you I couldn't ask for anything better. It works like champ.
    I am using apple wood chips right now and its smoking like crazy.
    I am very happy I bought this one. The price is perfect and the shipping is free and fast and it is made right here in the good old U.S.A.
    Thanks Ken for a great product."
    Kenton from Gig Harbor, WAOctober 26, 2015
    "I used the smokemiester to generate smoke for a homemade smoker I just built. I wanted the option to set the temp and walk away. that I accomplished by wiring a thermostat controller to regulate temperature. But I still needed something to generate smoke without having to pull the pan and add chips every hour and in doing so let all the heat out in the process that takes a while to build in the first place. This thing WORKS!! Tons of smoke.. The smoker I built is very air tight other than the vents so it barely uses any pellets at all when dampened way down. it's been smoking for 1.5 hours now on the first cup of pellets that I put in it! And that was my first time using it and getting it dialed in. This is a simple awesome product and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one. If your looking for a hassle free smoke generator that will smoke for multiple hours without adding fuel this is what you want. The owner Ken was happy to answer any questions I had and was very helpful. Shipping was fast and well packaged."
    Jim from Athol, ID"I got a used Masterbuilt duel fuel smoker (propane or charcoal) Then I added the Smokemiester.Ken was very helpful in answering all my questions and shipping was fast.The Smokemiester works greatand is easy to add more fuel and monitor progress.Thanks for making a great product."
    Stephen from Smyrna, TN 6/23/14"The Smokemiesterworks really well on my Kamado, plenty of smoke, and I love the fact that you can keep the smoke flowing without all the hassles previously experienced.The one drawback of a Kamado for slow smoking is that you basically have to disassemble (pulling meat, heat diffuser, cooking grates) all to add more pellet packs to the heat source. The Smokemiester definitely addresses this issue.It’s well worth the money to avoid all the hassles, and dial in just the right amount of smoke. I would highly recommend this to friends."
    Stephen from Smyrna, TN 11/10/14"Excellent product.Okay, I've used this for quite a while now. I'm very pleased with the overall experience. I actually use this on my Egg, andit sure makes adding smoke on long cooks much easier."

    Larry from Oak Harbor, WA"It really works!Smoked two Coho (Silver) salmon this last weekend which turned out the neighbors around the block. I suspect the Smoker with alder & hickory chips a 130F Grill x 7 hrs added tothe crisp fall aroma. Used a flat basket on the Rotisserie and it all went very well- Only had to refill the Smokemiester once andclean up was very veryeasy!I can't believe I didn't think of this myself!Thanks it's worth the money."
    Howard from Rohnert Park,CA"I hot smoked a side of baby back ribs for six hours they were perfect. I was more impressed with the cold smoker as it did not add any heat to the barbeque and I just smoked a side of salmon that I cured first in a salt/sugar brine and then smoked it for 4 hours, temperature in the smoker was not moved by the smoker. I will smoke it again tomorrow for another 6 hours. I did try a piece and it was out of this world.Thanks for such a great add-on for the barbeque. A very satisfied customer."
    Jeff from Eldorado Hills, CA"Greetings!As an FYI... I got the uniton Friday and installed it over the weekend. I smoked a variety of meat yesterday and it was AWESOME!Works exactly as described.thank you SO very much. I have pictures on how I installed it and nothing but great response. thx again for a great product and experience!"
    Amanda"I attached Smokemiester to a Weber Kettle, I love using it, I can control the smoke which is REALLY good."
    Kevin from New York"The Perfect Smoker For My Grill!!!!!!!After looking at numerous smoke generators, I found the SmokeMiester. It appeared to be a very straight forward and easy product for making smoke for my grill. Plus,it is small and does not need any othersource of power or air pump.It literally took less than 5minutes to install the SmokeMiester. It is a very easy install.We fired it up right away for a test run, andit made smoke - a LOT of smoke!!!Bottom line - I would HIGHLY recommend the SmokeMiester to anyone looking for an easy to use auxiliary smoke generator for their existing grill!"

    Matt from Dartmouth, MA
    "Used smokeryesterday .. Very simple and effective letsmoke daddy keep his fish tank pump!"

    Christian from Oslo, Norway"Just wanted to let you know that I have made the Smokemiester go throughseveral test runs in my spanking new smoke house and it works great!For cold smoking the one Smokemiester seems to fill thesmoke roomadmiringly."
    Rick, Jefferson City from TN"Ok I am impressed and that is hard to do. We had to do a little more adapting but got it to work and boy did it work. I positioned it in between the two stacks in the rear so that it would have a little protection when towing. Than​ks for all the help and answers."
    Paul from Manchester Township, NJ
    "Great product, American made,I called the number on the web. The owner (Ken) called back answeredquestions I had for the application to my electric smoker.He could not have been more helpful."
    Roosevelt from Fredericksburg, VA"Good evening, sir! First of all, I am so impressed to receive a "real" response so quickly! Thank you and I appreciate the quick processing & shipping. I don't know if you are one of the gentlemen that appear in the video (YouTube), but it is easy to see that Smokemiester is just a good company with a good product run by good people! :-) Thanks, again, for your quick from Germantown, MD"The smokemiester is the real deal!!!" Dean from Germantown, MD

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