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Soda-Club Sodastream 60L 110L Refill Adapters & Valves For Sale

Soda-Club Sodastream 60L 110L Refill Adapters & Valves

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Soda-Club Sodastream 60L 110L Refill Adapters & Valves:

- This is a CLASSIFIED AD for our various products -
- This is NOT an sale -
- The $29.99 price is what our products start at -
- There is NO offerding, this is an INFORMATION AD ONLY -Please excuse the above BOLD lettering but we are having great difficulty with some users NOT reading the details which state that this is a CLASSIFIED AD and NOT an sale. Please do not send emails with generic "how much"; "how do I pay for this"; or "what's the shipping cost to zip 12345". For all the individual product details please visit our online store by CLICKING HERE.

All Products Proudly Made in the USA

Eliminate Sodastream's Anti-Refill Booby-Trap with our FreedomValve

Soda-Club / Sodastream Carbonator TankThread Adapters for Refilling

Adapters to Refill your Carbonator Tanks at Paintball or Sporting Goods Stores

ProfessionalCO2 Carbonator Filling Station like our patented FillStationPro-II

FreedomOne Carbonator Elimination System - Attach your Soda Machine to an External Tank

  • Do you own a Soda-Club or Sodastream Soda Machine?
  • Are you tired of their Monopoly on CO2 Refills?
  • Tired of paying HIGH $$$ for a simple refill of CO2 Gas?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, please consider our products and services.Don't pay Sodastream's insanely high price for CO2 tanks! Do it yourself for a fraction of Sodastream price. Sodastream tells you that by refilling your own you are violating their licensing agreement, or that it is dangerous. Frankly, it is NOT Dangerous as long as all Installation and Safety Instructions are followed. As to their "licensing", it's just another word for "Monopoly" or "Price Gouging". In Germany, the courts sided with the consumers and declared the their Tank Licensing Restrictions a MONOPOLY!Anyone can refill their own tanks with minimal tools and common sense (required).What YOU do in YOUR garage is YOUR business! You paid top dollar for the CO2 Carbonator Tanks and Soda Machine, now it is time to make them work for you! Sodastream in their quest to secure a guaranteed clientele, deliberately complicated things by designing a proprietary valve system for their ALCO2JET CO2 Carbonators. To overcome this monopoly, we've designed a family of products that when used with a10, 20, or 50 lb Siphon Type CO2 Donor Tank, will allow refilling of your Sodastream tanks in minutes, using readily available commercial CO2 sources.Don't be fooled by Sodastream's claim that "their" CO2 is better or that commercial CO2 is unsafe. ALL commercial CO2, whether at your welding shop or local soda fountain is at least 99.99% pure, that is a regulated industry standard. Unless you must have what is referred to as Medical or Lab grade CO2, all commercial CO2 of 99.99% purity is just fine and safe to consume. Unlike other competitors, our products are of the highest quality, designed by real Engineers, not some kitchen based operation. We don't sell re-machined Paintball gear or use Chinese made automobile rubber hoses in our products. Our refill Adapter products are precision CNC Machined here in the USA and incorporate the proprietary "Turbo-Fill" method which ensures a faster and more efficient refill. We are the ONLY Manufacturers of the FreedomValve... a 100% Compatible, Non-Boobytrapped Carbonator replacement Valve for your 60L and 110L ALCO2JET Soda-Club / Sodastream Carbonators. We are also the ONLY company with a consistent track record of quality and safety in the design, manufacturing, and sales of Sodastream compatible CO2 products. All others are just homemade imitations from hobbyists interested in money and not in your health and safety.Please visit our online store by >>CLICKING HERE<< for more information and other product options! Customers have commented:
  • "Excellent product. Flawless. Worth every penny."
  • "Two words come to mind: Out-friggin standing!"
  • "What a world of difference."
  • "You have solved a great problem for many of us Soda Club equipment users."
  • "Fast Shipping! Perfect fit! I have already saved money!"
  • "Item Worked as Advertised on First Try!"
  • "Item as described, great seller! highly recommended!"
  • "High quality. Quick delivery thanks"
Disclaimers - Terms & Conditions

The names: Soda-Club, Sodastream, and ALCO2JET are owned and trademarked by their respective owners. CO2Doctor Dot Com is NOT affiliated nor endorses or claims ownership nor rights to any of those Trademarks or product names and they are solely used here to identify their respective marketed products which are marketed by their respective sales organizations.

CO2Doctor Dot Com, nor its owner(s), operators, or affiliates endorses any products nor claim any suitability for use other than as specifically stated in the product literature. All uses of our product are SOLELY at the Owner(s) / Buyer(s) risk and they bear the sole responsibility for its proper use and safety. No other warranties are expressed or implied and none are given or to be assumed. Any use or licensing violations rest solely with the product user and not CO2Doctor Dot Com, or its Owner(s) / Operator(s).

By reading these terms and purchasing any of our products you hereby agree to hold CO2Doctor Dot Com, its Owner(s) / Operator(s), and affiliates fully harmless and agree to indemnify the same for any and all losses as a result of legal action brought on by improper or illegal use of our product(s).
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