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Stock / Bond - MEXICO - Banco de Londres y Mexico 1000 Pesos # 2373 - 1905 For Sale

Stock / Bond - MEXICO - Banco de Londres y Mexico 1000 Pesos # 2373 - 1905

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Stock / Bond - MEXICO - Banco de Londres y Mexico 1000 Pesos # 2373 - 1905 :

Please see our "About Me" page which explains our involvement in Antique Securities
Two of the areas in scripophily that I have specialized in since becoming enamored with collecting antique in the mid-1980's have been early U.S. banks and early Pennsylvania oils. In the early 1990's I decided that I would like to add a few international certificates to my collection in these two areas. I had the good fortune of meeting and getting to know Erik Boone, who at that time was a major player in the worldwide scripophily hobby. I worked with him for several years both through his European sales and meeting with him personally when he came to the U.S. for R.M. Smythe's Strasburg scripophily shows. Sadly, Mr. Boone passed long before his time, and my line to international collecting ceased before I had amassed a credible collection of international material. As mentioned in my "About Me" page my age necessitates the reduction of my collection. Thus, I will be selling [or attempting to sell] the large majority of my international pieces over the next month or so on . I admit to not having kept up on the market for these pieces so my offering prices may be out of line with the current market. Feel free to take me to task over my prices if they are off the market price. I know that there have been major hoards of vintage international securities uncovered over the last ten years and I have very little knowledge as to how this has impacted prices. A quick comment to dealers who may either read this or see my listings. Without meaning to be presumptuous, I don't believe I have enough international material, especially rarities, to make it worthwhile for you to be interested in buying the international portion of my collection.Banco de Londres y Mexico.
Mexico City
Sociedad AnonimaTitulo Number 2373 - Acciones Numbers 23721 - 23730
Dated May 10 1905 An average conditioned piece with one fold line. No damage but some minor wrinkling, especially in lower left corner. Evidence of having been mounted for display at one time due to hinge residue in upper corners of reverse - very small. Coupons number 36 through 100 still attached. Rubber stamp cancelling (?) in field.Emails with questions are always welcome. International buyers please contact me for shipping price quote to your country of residence. Multiple purchases will be combined for shipping purposes. Recent experience dictates that buyers for this piece must have at least 15 positive response comments in the last six months. Thank you for looking.

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