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This sale is for a Terrco® Marlin Wood Carver in barely used condition. I bought this a few years ago but never got around to building the woodworking shop I had intended. So now it’s time for someone else to make good use of it, and this setup includes the pictured Porter Cable #6902 router motor.

The versatile Terrco® Marlin CM-614Wood Carver is ideal for sign carving, plaques and violin making. It is used by guitar and cello makers, boat builders and of course sign carvers. If you enjoy woodworking and wish to produce profitable items, a Terrco® Marlin Carving Machine may be just what you need! The patented 3-D duplicating carvers are very easy to use and maintain and do not require an experienced operator.

The Marlin machine reproduces in a 1 to 1 ratio and will duplicate any part of an object that the stylus can come in contact with. This industrial-quality machine is sturdily built from accurately machined aluminum castings with steel shafts and counterweight. Linear ball bearings are used on hardened shafts that are ground and polished. The aluminum support tube rotates on Delrin roller bearings. The machines are easily installed on the machine base. Machine bases are not provided with CM series machines. The router arm castings are machined to accept any router motor that has a 3-1/2” diameter barrel, and the Porter Cable #6902 router motor in included.


The operation of the caving machine is quite simple, and a new operator will quickly learn to handle it with excellent results. It is important to use sharp carving bits and to mount the pattern and the material to be carved securely to the machine base. Patterns may be tilted or raised above the base so that portions of them may be copied, parts that require more than 180° of carving will have to have two or more settings to complete the work. Care must then be taken to obtain exact settings of the pattern and material in relation to each other. If much material is to be removed, the use of roughing bits is most advantageous. More detail can be achieved by using smaller and smaller diameter carving bits. It is of interest to note that wood carvings frequently look their best if they are not too detailed. As more experience is obtained you will find that your own preferences in setting the machine and the type of carving done, will give your work its own distinctive characteristics.


The object to be duplicated and the wood/plastic carving material must be held securely in place by clamps or by mounting them to a wood or plywood sub-base, which in turn should be clamped to the work table. Note that the distance between the carving bit and the stylus tip must be maintained between all points on the pattern and material.

If a roughing bit it to be used, the stylus should be larger than the bit. For example, if a 3/4” diameter bit is used, then a 1” diameter stylus tip should be utilized. The carving bit should then be set 1/8” above the material. This will leave 1/8” excess material around the surfaces. After roughing or on lighter cuts, always use a stylus tip that matches the carving bit in diameter.

After inserting a carving bit into the collet of the router motor, slip a matching stylus tip to the stylus rod. Place the stylus tip over the highest point on the pattern; at the same time, the carving bit should contact the top of the material. Raise the stylus tip slightly and lock it into place. Check the swing of the arms to be sure that the material is properly located in relation to the pattern. Adjust the counterweight so that only a slight pressure is required to lower the carving bit to the material.

Start the router and begin carving by making swinging passes back and forth across the material. Do not cut deeper than 1/8” at a time. As the cuts are made deeper, the copy is developed quickly and any areas that are missed can be removed by passing over the area again. Finer details may be obtained by using smaller diameter bits. Remember that the stylus tip must be matched to the carving bit! Take care to match the previously cut surface, otherwise the entire surface may have to be re-cut.

Keep your carving bits sharp! Dull bits will overload the router motor and leave ragged edges on the cut surface.


Signs of many types and sizes may be made by carving freehand or by using patterns. The stylus tip may be used as a tracer and/or a depth gauge. With the carving bit touching the sign surface, raise the stylus tip to the depth of cut desired and lock the stylus into place. The letters of the sign may be drawn directly on the material or on a pattern sheet. One line will suffice, unless cuts of varied widths are desired. Start the router motor while the carv-ing bit is well above the sign board. Gently lower the bit into the wood at the start of the let-ter line. Carefully guide the bit along the lines, raising the bit out of the wood at the end of the line. The grain structure of wood will sometimes tend to lead the carving bit on a straight line away from the desired cut, so a firm hold on the tie bar should be used. With practice you will find it very easy to rapidly carve letters of any style and configuration.

Raised letter patterns are copied very easily, as a background is cut away to a fixed depth, which is controlled by the stylus setting. Incised letters require the stylus tip and carving bit to be set at the same height. The pattern depth will then be duplicated.

Because of the floating action of the machine, carving 3-D plaques or figures free-hand is very easy. The end results will depend on the artistic capabilities of the user. The stylus tips are not used at this time. Large diameter carving bits will give immediate and the satisfactory results.

Standard router bits and cutters may be used for edge cutting of plaques and boards as well as for other purposes.

Be sure to oil the letter grooves in the templates.


The machine requires very little care, as most surfaces have a painted finish. The steel bearing shafts should be wiped frequently and occasionally be given a light coat of dry lubricant. The ball bushings should not be oiled because they will then accumulate dust and will eventually become gummy. The pivot points will require fresh grease once a year. Use a small amount of automotive or machine lubrication grease.

Refer to the booklet that came with your router for its’ maintenance.

Carving bits should always be kept sharp for best results. Always take care to protect yourself from flying chips by wearing safety glasses.

Router motors emit a rather high pitched sound that can be very disturbing after pro-longed usage, particularly when used is small or confined areas. The use of ear plugs is therefore recommended in these areas or when the machine is used on a production basis.

Ships to the lower-48, for a flat $50 using FedEx Ground shipping, which will be within one business day of receipt of payment by PayPal (preferred), or Personal Check (shipped after check clears). Good Luck!

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