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TM-2006 Tormek Super Grind 2000. The new Tormek Supergrind 2006 is the same basic model as the older Tormek 2005, but the Tormek 2006 model incorporates a micro adjustment into the support bar that holds all of the grinding jigs. You can now more exactly and easily make the fine setting of the edge angle. This is especially advantageous when you need to exactly duplicate an existing angle or when you make the final adjustment using the Angle Master. The micro adjustment is especially beneficial when setting the angle for woodcarving and woodturning tools. Additionally, the new chrome-nickel coating on the Universal Support is a great improvement since it has a harder surface, which gives less friction when using the jigs. The Tormek Water Cooled Grinding Machine is possibly the most sophisticated sharpening system ever conceived. With its myriad of jigs, the Tormed offers you a precise way to handle almost every sharpening problem. The large 10" diameter wheel helps to minimize the common problem of hollow grinding that weakens the cutting edge by reducing the bevel angle and the wet wheel almost eliminates the common problem of overheating the blade. The way cabinetmakers used to sharpen their irons was with large treadle turned sandstone wheels with a water bath. The Tormek unit is as close to this as you can get today without putting one of the old treadle machines in your shop. The TORMEK way is a dramatic improvement in edge tool sharpening. Anybody can now sharpen and hone an edge with an accuracy previously not possible - much more easily and faster. You can also shape the tool exactly to your needs. Even such complicated shapes as fingernail turning gouges, spoon carving gouges and oval skew chisels with a radiused edge are easily sharpened. And you can exactly replicate a previous sharpening in less than a minute. The water cooled slow turning grindstone is in perfect harmony with the physical laws governing the steel tool ensuring that the edge does not overheat and lose its hardness. You finish the sharpening process right on the leather honing wheel, which lets you polish the edge to a razor sharpness with no need for bench stones. The TORMEK method is safe. At the low speed you can fully control the grinding operation. As no sparks are produced, there is no risk to your eyes and you can safely use the machine in areas of high fire risk. Kit Includes: SuperGrind Stone
Leather Honing Wheel
Mounted Horizontal Base, XB-100, for the Universal Support
Straight Edge Jig SVH-60
Pro Angle Master WM-200
Honing Compound PA-70
Instruction Video VID-
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