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Up for sale is a COMPLETE installation guide for retro fitting any 1985 MAF equipped TPI, any 1986 – 1989 MAF equipped TPI, AND ANY 1990-1992 MAP equipped TPI known as Speed Density that have been pulled from any Tuned Port Fuel Injected Corvette, Camaro, or Firebird onto a non-OEM TPI small block Chevy engine, This Tangible (not an Email)print deals with the hardest part of any TPI install, the ECM/Relay/Sensor/ESC wirings. It goes through each sensor and explains it from start to finish. It even tells you how to rewire your entire harness into your own custom configuration doing almost anything you would like from disable some parts of your emissions systems, to disabling ALL of your emission systems, to disabling your ECM from controlling your torque converter lockup, to pretty much anything else you can think of, all without setting off any “Check Engine” Codes and still have the best engine performance available from these high tech and highly engineered fuel injection systems. Now keep in mind, when I say disabling something, I don’t mean you just unplug it, I mean that this book will actually tell you the exact wires to ground out and which wires to reloop into themselves, which wires to supply power too, and whatever else you would have to do to actually trick your ECM into thinking that everything is still intact and working as it should be, and in turn keeping all of Computer’s parameters set to Maximum Performance. It even explains and shows you how to set up your diagnostic port so that you can hook up a scan tool or even your laptop to read any and all trouble codes that your ECM has stored. It teaches and shows you how to set up a Closed-Loop or an Open-Loop system depending on which path you decide. I have personally went through and read the “TPI Swapping Guide” and found that this book is a more condensed version of it with all of the “fluff” removed so that you don’t waste your time paging through random junk material, and instead you can almost jump right into your project and complete it in a fraction of the time it would have taken you with the “TPI Swapping Guide” using the shortcuts and procedures that are explained in this book.I have been working with this TPI systems for well over a decade now, and I have spent months writing out this book, This is NOT a copy of any one else’s books, I already know of one person that has copy and pasted parts of this description into their sale to try to fool people into buying theirs even though their book is a photocopy and it only does 86-89 and their book is only about 40 pages and when I went through to read theirs I even found a bunch of wiring mistakes all of the “pictures” in their books are just hand drawling that look horrible and are extremely blurry, BUT MY book is almost100 pages of information and has been tested and works perfectly almost all of the pictures are real picture of the items for pristine clarity

Be sureto check my other sales for a VATS bypass defeatermodule plans manual, it is required torun a TPIECM in an nonOEM car.

Q: Does the book have a complete ecm wiring diagram. And what i mean by that is does it layout every pin out on the ECM with Pin number (ex A3) and the color of the wire and show was sensor or connector it goes too. So basically I could take an ECM and all the sensor with no wires at all and then connect them all up properly. Thanks

A: Yes it does, it has 18 pages of all of the ECM diagrams so no matter which year and which model of TPI setup you are using, the complete ECM break downs are included

Q: What ECM numbers does this cover?

A: All of the TPI ECM Numbers Are Covered… (listed Below)









16198259 (a replacment for the 1227165)

Here are some response comments that people have left about this item:

Thanks for the info, just what I needed to rewire my TPI....A+++++++++++++++++++

Buyer 39don39

This guy knows TPI, Pro Manual , 100page, pics, diagrams, easy to understand, ++++

Buyer plainjw

Real good information, good book fast shippingA+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+A+

Buyer stan7jack

Very informative ! Perfect for the 1st time installer. Basic and complete ! A+

Buyer psint


Buyer johnphufnagel1

GREAT MANUAL!!! better than described. Highly recommend!!

Buyer joek18


Buyer pf7511

Very nice informative book on tpi conversion wiring, make it easy for me to do.

Buyer george5138

Excellent-- very complete & detailed manual. Highly recommended. Thanks!!

Buyer concord28027

Book was easy to read and understand cut through alot of BS. Quick ship. A++++

Buyer helo2006ti

Outstanding material --- If you need information this is the book
Buyer slowofferer

Good Luck and Happy offerding, Don’t forget to check out my other sales because there are shipping discounts available for multiple sale winners.

Frequently asked questions and Answers:

Q: Can I have the Tracking number for this item, so that I know when it is going to get here?

A: I do not use an actual tracking number, I use what is called delivery confirmation, which just tells if the item has been delivered yet, it does not give a ...to be delivered on day/time... and it does not say where it is at this moment in time. If you live in the USA then paypal will have sent you an email with the subject ...Your item has been sent using Paypal... and it has all the information in it like the confirmation number, who it was sent out with, the weight of the item, and the day that it was sent out on. Also, please don’t ask me if I sent out your item because it just slows down everything and once it is in the hands of the post office, then I no longer have any say in how fast it moves, I have a great response rating because I have never screwed any ers over by no sending out their item and I am not planning on starting.

Q: Is my item Shipped out yet? Because you have not contacted me.

A: I have NEVER not sent out an item, there is no need to check up on this end of the transaction, everything will be taking care of, I only contact the buyer if there is some kind of problem.

Q: Does this book tell you have to make a maf tpi into a map speed density system?

A: Yes, but you will be pretty much redoing all of wiring for the engine so which the book does have all that information to do that. but as for making all of your accessories work, that you will be on your own for. But most cars the accessories will be in their own wiring harness for them, so it is normally not a big problem.

Q: I am installing one of these engines into a custom application, will this book tell me where I have to cut to make it fit? Like firewalls/fenders/hood/crossmembers. Ect.

A: No, it would be impossible to make a book that has that kind of info in it, There are 10,000’s of thousands of different cars out in the world and there is no way to document that much information.

Q: Does this book have the info to install a TPI onto a nonTPI car like a 66 pick up, or a 69 camaro, or a 1940 Dodge ect.

A: Yes that’s exactly the reason I made the book, it has all the info that you need to install a tpi on an originally carbureted engine.

Q: I went online and it can’t find the tracking number, why is that?

A: One of two reasons, number one, they have not updated the website, number two, no post office employee has manually scanned the package yet.

Terms of Sale: All items are sold AS-IS unless otherwise stated with no Warranty. Buyer is to pay all shipping costs no refunds at all for shipping. HOWEVER Refunds Are Available, but the item MUST be in the same condition as it was sent out and there is a 25 percent restocking fee.Payment is expected within 3 days of purchase or you can email me with the reason within those three days I am very lenient so I am willing to listen. No Pickupsfor this sale (too small of an item I usually reserve that for Transmissions and such).

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