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TeleBouncer Blocker TB1000 Block Telemarketing Calls For Sale

TeleBouncer Blocker TB1000 Block Telemarketing Calls

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TeleBouncer Blocker TB1000 Block Telemarketing Calls:

TeleBouncer Blocker TB1000 Block Telemarketing Calls

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Item Description:

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TeleBouncer Tele Bouncer TB1000 Block Telemarketing Calls


While TeleBouncer blocks telemarketing calls from ringing any home telephones, this product also offers many other privacy features and benefits, having little to do with telemarketing calls.

TeleBouncer 3-Way Call Screening System


Stops Do-Not-Call List Exemptions such as:
Existing Businesses
Previous Within Your State
Exempt Industries such as Banks, Credit Cards and Long Distance calls

4 Modes of Use
Telemarketing Mode: Blocks telemarketers without even ringing your phone. Also plays a brief no solicitation message to turn away telemarketers. All callers may leave a message on your home answering system.

Do-Not-Disturb Mode:
All callers are silently directed to your home answering machine. Urgent callers are requested to press a button to ring through. Ideal for daytime sleepers, family or study time, etc.

Caller ID Mode: Phones will ring once as you receive Caller ID data on your Caller ID display. After this your caller is screened like the telemarketing mode. Any unavailable caller who rings through is a wanted caller.

Standby Mode: When TeleBouncer is in the standby mode, no call screening occurs and all of your telephone products work normally.

In addition, TeleBouncer can be used as a single line Home/Office Call Attendant, allowing incoming call classification with distinctive ringing, and blocking Junk FAX and Telemarketing calls to the Business. In addition, the Do-Not-Disturb Mode is ideal for small business meetings.

While the National Do-Not-Call Registry has been generally successful, the significant Do-Not-Call Registry exemptions has only reduced the number of telemarketing calls to these households, not eliminated them. The most recent election's political calls to all households clearly reinforces the impact of such exemptions.

Thus TeleBouncer continues to have value, even to those households on the Registry, since calls from the National Do-Not-Call Registry Exemptions will be blocked. TeleBouncer will have even greater value for the larger number of consumers who have not yet listed their numbers with the Registry.

A. National Do-Not-Call List has significant Exemptions

Exemptions included calls from:

  1. Businesses who have existing business relationship
  2. Businesses that have had business relationship in the past 1.5 years.
  3. Businesses who have been contacted for a business inquiry in the past 3 Months.
  4. Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations, including 3rd party solicitors.
  5. Calls made from within your state (Registry and FTC deals with interstate commerce)
  6. Political Fundraising and Political Campaigns
  7. Polling Surveys
  8. Banks
  9. Credit Card Companies
  10. Long Distance Companies
  11. Airline Companies
  12. Insurance Companies
  13. Federal Credit Unions and Savings and Loan Co.

B. TeleBouncer provides Function/Benefits unrelated to Telemarketing:

  1. Distinctive Ringing

Distinctive Ringing occurs when TeleBouncer is in the Telemarketing Mode. When a caller presses “1”, “2”, or “3”, TeleBouncer rings a telephone as follows:

Caller Presses “1” - One Long Ring

Caller Presses “2” - Two Short Rings

Caller Presses “3” - One Short and One Long Ring

This feature enables the user to know who is being called, or the identity of the caller. For example, Mom and Dad can tell their children to tell their friends to press “2” when friends call. Thus Mom and Dad will not answer any calls when they hear 2 short rings. In another application, the wife tells all her friends to press “2”, and the husband tells his friends to press “3”. Thus husband and wife can determine who is being called, when the telephone rings. As a last example, Mom is told to press 2 when she calls her children's home. Thus the children will always know Mom is calling when she presses “2”, and the two short rings occur.

TeleBouncer can also add value to a single line small Home/Office environment.

Many Home/Office businesses report they are frustrated by not knowing how to answer a single line call, especially when their Caller ID information is “Unidentified”

With Distinctive Ringing, user can address incoming calls with screening announcement asking callers to Press Ring Numbers “1”, “2” and “3” to classify the incoming call. For example:

“Welcome to XYZ Company, please press extension “1” for the operator, extension “2” for Sales, and extension “3” for Marketing information, or stay on the line to leave a message” Or:

“Please press “1” to reach members of the home, or “2” to reach XYZ Company, otherwise please leave a message.”

The small Home/Office users can then determine who should address the call and how to answer the call based on the distinctive ringing.

TeleBouncer can not only stop telemarketing calls from wasting time at the Home/Office, but can also either stop Junk FAX calls to the Home/Office, or allow receipt of Home/Office FAX calls silently.

By requiring all FAX callers to press “1” to access the FAX machine, all automated Junk FAX calls will be eliminated.

By connecting the FAX machine anywhere on the Home/Office Line, and switching the FAX machine to answer on FAX tones ONLY (Not on a ring signal), receipt of all incoming FAX calls and messages will be silent. In this configuration, TeleBouncer answers the call silently. When the local FAX machine at the home detects the FAX signals from the remote FAX call, it will answer the call. TeleBouncer will detect that an “Extension” is in use, and disconnect itself from the line. This eliminates Junk FAX calls from ringing and disturbing the home in early hours (i.e. at 2AM), and reduces the stress at the Home/Office, since there is no ringing and no action required to receive a FAX on the single Home/Office Line. .

  1. User Can Select Who Can Leave a Message

The user can define who can leave a message on their home answering machine.

    1. Only callers who ring through can leave a message. This eliminates bothersome telemarketing messages on a home answering machine. - OR --
    2. All callers can leave a message.

This item is new in the original package. It will be appropriately packed in a box for shipping and the approx. shipping weight is 3 lb. The shipping quote provided by the Shipping Calculator below includes insurance.


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Our preferred shipping carriers:
For items over 1 lbs., we typically ship via FedEx Ground. For items under 1 lbs. we typically ship via USPS Priority Mail. FedEx and UPS will not ship to P.O. Boxes.Many countries impose their own customs, duties, tariffs, taxes, etc. on items being shipped from a foreign country. We do not cover these costs for international customers.

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We accept PayPal, American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.Prompt Payment:
Checkout must be completed within 5 days of the close of sale. All PayPal and credit card payments must be made within this time period. If payment isn't received within this time period, the order will be revoked and a Unpaid Item Dispute (Non-Paying buyer
alert) will be filed automatically.Tax:
All Illinois state residents will be charged state and local sales taxes during the checkout process.
At i-NETsalespartners we help individuals, and businesses sell their items on the internet. Our training and experience help provide a very professional selling and buying experience.Helping InterNET Buyers:
Our store staff evaluates each item before listing it for sale. We reject many items that we know will not meet the standards of i-NETsalespartners and the buying community.And, whether you prefer buying items from your neighborhood store or simply enjoy knowing theres a live team of professionals you can contact, i-NETsalespartners' physical presence provides added benefits to you.Helping sellers:
i-NETsalespartners makes selling online easy. We do the work. The seller simply gets the check when an item sells and the item has been received by the buyer. From start to finish, we do it all:
1. Friendly and fast market research on your item(s)
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4. Determine the optimal merchandising and pricing strategy
5. Select the most appropriate of the 20,000 categories
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7. Answer email and telephone inquiries about your item
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10. Handle follow-up sale inquiries or issues

This Store is an independently owned and operated.

LEGAL:i-NETsalespartners is independently owned and operated.

i-NETsalespartners is not the owner or seller of these goods, but merely a bailee acting on behalf of the seller to facilitate the sale of the goods by holding the goods until such time as a sale is completed and the goods are shipped to the buyer.

We have used our best efforts to inspect the item(s) for sale and create descriptions and furnish photographs that fairly and adequately depict the type, condition, and image of the goods at the time of sale. i-NETsalespartners makes no express or implied warranties or representations regarding the condition or suitability of the goods and to the extent allowed by law, specifically disclaims any express or implied warranties, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability or fitness for purpose.

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