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Terramite T5C Loader Backhoe Tractor "DIGGER" For Sale

Terramite T5C Loader Backhoe Tractor

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Terramite T5C Loader Backhoe Tractor "DIGGER":

We finally decided to get rid of "Digger" after many productive years of digging water lines, stumps, flower beds, and more. While we hate to see him go, many of our projects are now finished and there isn't any sense for him to sit in the shed being lonely.Approximately 10 years old, he has 1125 hours, 2 new front tires, a new battery, several replaced seals, and a fresh bath. We aren't going to give him a new paint job because then he would feel too fancy to do any work for someone else.He has dug out huge tree stumps that make his front end climb toward the sky... but has gotten the job done. He has dug through rock while a jackhammer lay on the ground in disgust. He has made such an impression on the neighbors that they borrow him to help with their projects."Digger" has been an important part of our family, but now he is ready to be part of yours. He isn't pretty, and sometimes leaks, but he is willing and ready to serve in any way possible.If you have any questions, please let us know and we'll do our best to get back to you promptly.This sale is being started at 99 cents, though please don't tell "Digger" because he would be horribly offended. However, we need to start somewhere, and that is the number that came up.

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On Sep-22-11 at 11:18:03 PDT, seller added the following information:

Some additional details for the questions that have been coming in.... I called Terramite to verify what year it is and its a 2003. Serial number is 2350222 and they have confirmed that the unit has not been stolen from a construction site anywhere!!

Some work that has been done to it over the years are: Repacked main bucket cylinder and one of the outrigger cylinders andreplaced one of the rear hoe hoses. Some minor hydraulic drips on the stonesbut its not bad enough tomake me takethe time to go over the dozens of fittings to see which one(s) it might be. The buckets will stay up in the air for a couple of hours but will slowly start to creep downward so there are still some seals that could be redone if it bothers you.

Battery drains down after a couple months. Terramite said to replace the regulator and ignition switch. Did both of those last year andalso replaced the fuel pump andbattery.They said we could also tryreplacing the stator. Its only a $30 part but I just never had the time to fool with it sowe just recharge the battery every six months or so!Engine oil was last changed about 30 hours ago and its a 20HP Kohler.

Both front tires have been recently replaced. Rear tires have really good tread and never go flat even through the sidewalls have some age cracking. Unit is nearly always stored under roof of an open sided building.Seat has a couple of splits. Seat belt still works.. if that is a critical component to you!! Exhaust pipe is rusty and blows straight out the front... not sure if this is the way it comes from the factory or not. Just don't stand in front of it and suck exhaust for hours on end. It will give you a headache.

Overall folks, this has been a impressivelittle workhorse. It isn't fancy like a brand new one, but anyone can run it including my youngest who is now eight and has driven it for three years. I don't let him dig holes with the backhoe, but he can easily go scoop up mulch from a pile and take it somewhere to spread it out. If you can walk and chew gum at the same time, you can handle this machine. What the hoe can dig is pretty amazing. I've pulled locust stumps out of the yard that my neighbor man couldn't budge with his skidsteer. It might take you a little bit of time, but "Digger" will git-r-done!

Considering the average price that others are asking for their used equipment, my reserve is several thousand under the other machines. If it sells for $8000 or $9000, I certainly won't complain, but thats not where you need to take it to in order to win it. It doesn't havea shiny new paint job or only a couple hundred hours, but then again 1100 hours in 8 years seems well under the average also.

On Sep-28-11 at 05:26:17 PDT, seller added the following information:

I think its safe to say that this machine has less than 1000 hours on it regardless of what the hour meter says. I listed it with 1125 hours and went to move it this morning... noticing that its now showing just under 1200 hours and the battery is dead. Turns out, my 8 year old likes to pretend he is driving it even when he isn't supposed to be and turns the key on without starting the motor to make it more realistic (somehow). Then, when his mother calls him for a job, he jumps off and in this case must have forgotten to turn the key back off... leaving the meter tick, tick, ticking away!! Its the only logical explanation that I can come up with and thought that I just post this info that you can either like or dislike!!

We still use it every couple of days for an hour or so, but I don't see the meter going OVER 1200 by the time you pick it up if I can keep the little rascal off it!!Good luck on the final two days!

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