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Trackless Train Amusement Ride For Sale

Trackless Train Amusement Ride

This item has been shown 22373 times.

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Trackless Train Amusement Ride :


These are perfect for Moonwalk Rental Companies, Churches, Schools... Or just for fun!

The cars are big enough for adults to ride along with the children.

Each car holds up to 8 children or 4 adults.

The Trains are Custom built as they are ordered as the photos above are of previous customers trains.

The Prices are:

Basic Train = 1 Engine WITH a 17hp Manual 6 Speed Lawn Tractor, 1 Open Car, and 1 Caboose (enclosed car) is $4999.00 (single color paint per car) style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt;" class="MsoNormal">

Mix or Match Solid colors at NO additional charge. Each car can be a different color, if desired.

2-Tone paint and wheels for entire train add $250.00

Extra Cars and Options are available as follows:

Additional Open Car (middle): $1100.00

Additional Enclosed Car (caboose): $1750.00

2 Tone Above Additional Car: $50.00

Custom Engine Shell for customer provided mower: $1750.00

Upgrade to Hydrostatic Tractor: $500.00 - UP.Depending on HP, Brand, and current retail selling price, "Highly Recommended for more than2 cars".

Kenwood Marine MP3 Radio Package with 2 speakers in each car: $500.00

4 Flute Train Whistle: $199.00 ( MOST POPULAR ITEM )

Doors on cars:$35.00per car ( Door is included on Engine at no charge ) ( Required in most states to pass inspection! )

6 inch Bell: $75.00

Seatbelts: $25.00 per car

P.A. System with mic and speaker: $175.00

Special custom modifications are welcomed as well. Pricing will be determined on a case by case basis, if possible.

Custom Graphic Lettering is available.

"Please note that the pictures above simply show what the above listed options look like installed on previously built trains and are "NOT" included in the basic price!!"

Please allow at least 3 weeks build time for a train, as each train is custom built as it is ordered. Due to seasonal demand or bad weather, the build time may be increased.

The trains are built in the order of deposits received. If you must have your train by a certain date, then we recommend that the deposit be sent as early as possible to avoid any delay.

The Prices DO NOT include shipping. Truck Shipping can be Expensive so we recommend local pickup in Byron, Ga. 31008. We CAN deliver for a fee as well.

We accept Checks, Money Orders, or Cash for the down payment or Full Payment in Advance.

50% Deposit is required and the balance is Due at pickup or before shipping.

Final Payment MUST be in the form of Cash or Bank Issued Check!

We have partnered with a local trailer company to provide tandem-axle transport trailers if you should need one.

We recommend a 16-foot Landscape Trailer for transporting a 3 unit setup or an 18-foot trailer for a 4 unit setup.

Transport Trailer Prices:

16 Foot = $2250.00 18 Footwith Side Gate = $2500.00 Includes All modifications and straps to secure the train for ease of transporting.

Brakes can be added for $250 per axle.

The transport trailer MUST be paid in full when ordering. Depending on current trailer orders, it may take 3 weeks or more to get the trailer built, so it is best to order the trailer at the same time as the train.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

1. To offer the train at such a reasonable price, the train is built out of exterior plywood, painted withexterior paint, which makes touch up easy.

2. We use D.O.T. Highway approved trailers on the cars, not the lawn wagon type. Each car is rated to hold up to 860 pounds.

3. The engine shell is built around the mower, so if a different mower is to be used, we will need it “before” the engine shell is built for custom fitting.

4. The best thing is your ROI... The train can pay for itself in less than a year!

This train is a proven money maker and everyone loves to ride on a train! Order NOW and start booking your events for the year!!!

Please check with your state laws on safety requirements for Trackless Trains, as we can modify the Train for the requirements as needed.

Feel free to ask us any questions that you might have.

Thanks for looking!

Buy Now


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