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Trackless Train Amusement Ride For Sale

Trackless Train Amusement Ride

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Trackless Train Amusement Ride :


These are perfect for Moonwalk Rental Companies, Churches, Schools... Or just for fun!

The cars are big enough for adults to ride along with the children.

Each car holds up to 8 children or 4 adults.

The Trains are Custom Built as they are ordered, as the photos above are of previous customers trains.

The Prices are:

Basic Train = 1 Engine WITH a Brand New Husqvarna 22hp Hydrostatic Drive Lawn Tractor, 1 Open Car, and 1 Caboose ( car with roof ) is $6,999.00

Each train comes standard with a 4-flute Train Whistle to draw the children to your train, Doors on every car, Seatbelts, Rear View Adjustable Mirrors on the engine, and the highly requested 2 Tone Paint Scheme on the entire train.

You can choose between the " OLD STYLE ENGINE " ( as shown in 1st pic ) ,, or the " THOMAS LOOK ENGINE " ( as shown in the 2nd pic ) for your Engine choice. Either choice costs the same!!!

You can Mix or Match colors at NO additional charge. Each car can be a different color, if desired.

We are proud to introduce our newest addition coming in 2018. A 36 volt Electric Engine.

The price is $ 9,999.00. ( No Cars Are Included !!! )

The electric engine runs on 36 volts and is based on the same frame as the Husqvarna Tractors we use for our current trains. This means that you get the ability to use the train anywhere, on grass, pavement, and inside malls and gyms without the gasoline fumes, heat and noise of the traditional train.

Each electric engine will come standard with an onboard battery charger to charge the drive batteries, roof mounted solar panels to help extend the runtime during sunny days if used outside, LED under lighting, a 4 flute train whistle, and a 10 inch chrome bell.

The electric engine has a current run time of 6 to 8 hours, depending on the terrain. It easily charges overnight with the onboard charger.

The electric engine frame and body is the same as our current engine that we offer ( just battery powered ), so if you currently have one of our trains, the same cars can be used with this engine to further expand your rental possibilities to include indoor events. More Options = More Profits!!!

Extra Cars and Options are available as follows:

Additional Open Car (middle): $1,250.00

Additional Car with Roof (caboose): $2,000.00

Engine Shell for use with a customer provided mower( if purchased separately ): $2,000.00

Marine MP3 Radio Package with 2 speakers in each car: $500.00

10 inch Chrome Bell: $150.00

P.A. System with mic and speaker: $250.00

LED Under Car Lighting: $100.00 per piece ( Great for night events,, adds a glow effect beneath the train. ) ( See Third Picture Above )

Diamond Plate Floor: $75.00per car ( Protects floor and helps with cleanup ) (See Last Picture Above )

Upgrade Mower to 24hp model: $350.00

Upgrade Mower to 26hp model: $750.00

Special custom modifications are welcomed as well. Pricing will be determined on a case by case basis, if possible.

Custom Graphic Lettering is available.

All options listed above must be paid in full when ordering if not purchased when ordering a complete train!!

Please allow at least 3 to 4 weeks build time for a train, as each train is custom built as it is ordered. Due to seasonal demand or bad weather, the build time may be increased, as needed.

The trains are built in the order of deposits received. If you must have your train by a certain date, then we recommend that you call and that the deposit be sent as early as possible to avoid any delay.

The Prices DO NOT include shipping.

A50% MINIMUM "NON-REFUNDABLE" Depositis required to start the build and the balance isDue at pickup or before shipping.

We accept Checks, Money Orders, or Cash for the deposit or Full Payment in Advance.

Final Payment MUST be in the form of Cash or Bank Issued Check!

For any questions about the train itself, the options available, or any other general information, please call Robert ( the builder ) at 478-319-3961.

Transport Trailer

We have partnered with a local trailer company to provide tandem-axle transport trailers if you should need one.

We recommend a 20-foot Landscape Trailer for transporting the train. ( See the last picture above ).

The Trailer comes with 12 inch high front and side rails, an 80" wide deck, a full width rear drop down gate for loading the cars and a 5 foot wide side gate for loading the Engine. You will need a 2 inch ball mount to connect to your vehicle as well as a 4 pin flat connector for the lights. Your vehicle must have the round 7 pin connector if adding the brake option below.

Transport Trailer Prices:

20 Foot Trailer with Side Gate = $2,750.00 Includes All modifications and Tie-Down Straps to secure the train for ease of transporting.

Factory Installed Brakes can be added for $250.00. ( Includes battery operated break-a-way safety system and replaces the 4 pin connector with a 7 pin round trailer connector )

Gorilla Lift gate assist can be added for $250.00 installed. ( To help with raising and lowering the heavy gates ) ( One side per gate )

Powered Jack Option can be added for $500.00. ( This includes an electric jack, a steel tool box with locking lid ( to hold battery and provide storage of straps and other items ) ,and a deep cycle marine battery to operate the jack ).

The transport trailer MUST be paid in full when ordering. Depending on the trailer manufacturer's scheduling, it usually takes 3 weeks to get the trailer built, so it is best to order the trailer at the same time as the train.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

1. To offer the train at such a reasonable price, the train is custom built out of exterior plywood, painted with an exterior paint, which make all touch-up's or repairs easy.

2. Due to the fact that each train is custom built as ordered, we do NOT have any pre-built trains on hand, nor do we have any used trains for sell.

3. The lawn tractors are brand new, purchased locally from Lowes, unless we are using a customer provided tractor. The warranty for the tractor is provided solely by the manufacturer of the tractor.

4. We use D.O.T. Highway Approved trailers on the cars, not the lawn wagon type. Each car is rated to hold up to 860 pounds.

5. The engine shell is custom built around the mower, so if a customer provided mower is to be used, we will need it delivered to us “before” the engine shell is built for custom fitting and welding of brackets. NO EXCEPTIONS!!

6. If bringing your own transport trailer to pick up the train, it MUST have the same basic specifications as the trailer we offer above.

7.The best thing is your Return-On-Investment... The train can pay for itself in less than a year!

This train is a proven money maker and everyone loves to ride on a train! Order NOW and start booking your events for the year!!!

Please check with your state laws on safety requirements for Trackless Trains, as we can modify the Train for the requirements as needed.

Feel free to ask us any questions that you might have.

Thanks for looking!


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