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Upgrade your Bowflex Power Rods with a Power Band For Sale

Upgrade your Bowflex Power Rods with a Power Band

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Upgrade your Bowflex Power Rods with a Power Band :

Upgrade your Bowflex Power Rods witha Power Band!

Why spend $100+ when you can get the same result for$15!

If you own a Bowflex Classic, PR1000, Motivator, or the Conquest home gym you already know you cannot upgrade your Power Rods… until now!

Upgrade your Bowflex gym with our Power Bands and take your workout and muscle gains to the next level!

Each Power Band adds an additional 20+ lbs of force to each side progressively just like your existing Power Rods. Its like adding a 20+ lb plate to each side of your bench press bar. Where can you get 40lbs of weight for $15!!

How does it work? Add the Power Band to the hooks (see images & note) on your Bowflex tower and clip the ends onto the Power Rod hooks or Power Rod loops (see images) and workout!


Blow out SALE! Price cut! $17 Now only $12 (while supplies last).

You will also receive a discount code for 10% off our Sport Nutrition Products! But wait there is more! (I learned this from the late night infomercials)

We have signed a special agreement with www.Leisurefitness.com who is now our exclusive fitness equipment supplier to provide our customers 15% off their complete product line!!! Wellness Partner Code: WPLITTR0281

Note: Some Bowflex models (PR1000 & others) do not have the welded hooks on the tower for storing the pull down bar. In this case the customer will need two additional carabineers (snap rings) (not included, but you can get themat Homedepot for $1 each) to capture the Power Band on the tower at two points above the Power Rods. Please see images and determine if this product is right for your home gym.

Take it to the next LEVEL! Upgrade your Bowflex witha Power Band orTWO if you can handle it!

We are proud to support athletes across the US and Canada with Professional fitnessand nutritional supplements.

Please visit www.PRO38.net

Check out our response:

“outstanding service and product!!! hooah awsome job!!!” Buyer: mattscott911 Aug-17-10

"fast shipping, excellent product after 2 weeks of use" Buyer: took215 Aug-21-10

"These things are awesome I highly recommend" Buyer: cerda1 ( 623) Sep-12-09 02:36

"Excellent product, works great on xtreme2 when used with clips on rear tower." Buyer: koho99 (171) Jan-12-10 17:42

"Excellent seller...the bands work great !!" zips1313 (67) Dec-30-09 06:35

Please note that the color of the tubing and clips may vary, but the strength/force of the Power Band is the same.

Liability and Warranty: Any form of exercise using gym equipment can be dangerous due to user error or equipment failure. Therefore, clicking the "Buy" button, you are agreeing not to hold LE, its owner, or employees liable for any injury, loss, damage, cost or expense of any sort incurred. The nature of the product doesn’t allow me to provide a warranty, but I stand behind all my products and if you have a problem please contact me.

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