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VINTAGE CONE MANDREL Blacksmith Anvil For Sale


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Matchlessantiques is offering smith and collectors this Vintage cast iron Blacksmith Mandrel or Blacksmith CONE Anvil. This Cone in NOT a newer reproduction made of ductile steel. It's an authentic Vintage cone that could date back into the early 1900's. This cone appears to not have been used much at all. There are no use marks and only a couple casting flaws (see picture). The top point of the cone only has a few small nicks. There are no cracks in the base which is a nice clean casting. Please take a close look at the pictures.

This was a common tool in most blacksmiths shops. Cone anvils are used for the final shaping of round objects. Usually they stand from 2 1/2 to 4 1/2 feet high and can range in weight from 50 lbs. to as much as 500 lbs. After the flat stock or round stock has been heated, shaped and welded on the anvil, it is placed on the cone and hammered until absolutely round in shape, conforming to the true proportions of the cone. Hub bands, rings, hoops, stake bands, and even rings for an ox's nose are formed on the mandrels. In order to have a specific size ring, a smith would mark his mandrel with a soapstone so that when he shaped it, the ring would be of the proper diameter.

This cone measures 48 1/2" in height, 12" wide at the bottom and7/8" at the top. The cone weighs105 lbs. Lower 48 states s/h/i is only $70.00

Matchlessantiques Trade-In Policy
We offer buyers the opportunity to trade in past, present or future purchases for higher priced items they would like to purchase from us. Buyers will get credit for the exact amount they paid for their item(s) (excludes shipping cost paid for original shipment) towards their new purchase, as long as the total amount of item(s) to be returned is less than the cost of the new purchase(s). Credit will be given once the item(s) are received. Any balance can be paid with pay pal or ask about payment methods upon pick up. If you have any questions, please ask. Normal wear on items is not a problem, broken items will not qualify.

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