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Van Norman 944 Boring Bar. For Sale

Van Norman 944 Boring Bar.

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Van Norman 944 Boring Bar. :

Van Norman 944 Boring Bar and Tooling
This is a 944 I bought many years ago when I was restoring/ fixing boring bars for my bosses shop. I had worked on 777, 777S, 944,944S and completely built a 888 bar from a basket case condition (fabricating many of the needed parts). I am a welder, machinist andMechanical Engineer.
The bar up for sale was completely taken apart with every single part cleaned and inspected. All bearing were replaced during thebuild. The CAT PAW tension knob is a custom made part, along with the handle. There is a new (grounded) electric cord on the machine.I also made a new hold-down set for the bar, painted grey, which also includes a cross bar for the bottom of the motor (when boring onthe top of a engine block). There is a completely new set of Cat Paws that were made for this machine, with an extended range from theregular 944 Cat Paw set. There are two cutting tools with the bar, more are available on from other sellers. There is a micrometertool with the sale, it does not include a barrel micrometer, but they are only $10 for cheap one on (0 -1" range is needed). Alsoincluded is a custom made shipping/ storage crate for this machine and its tooling.Included in sale:
  • completely refurbished 944 Van Norman Boring Bar **2.185 - 3.625 Boring Size
  • New set of CAT PAWS, sizes 'A' through 'E', with full set of screws
  • New tool setting gauge, tool included does not have a barrel micrometer (new one can be bought on for as little as $10)
  • New hold down set
  • Two cutting tools: one short, one long
  • One cutting tool puller
  • Custom box/ crate for this machine, which stores all tooling of boring bar

Also Available for this machine:
I have a ground steel plate that could be used with this machine. Dimensions are 2 x 30 x 36. Theplate has a couple threaded holes for the hold-downs and a hole bored in the plate for the bar to go through.(the dimensions are a guess from memory) Asking $350 for the plate. I don't have a picture of it
Pictures: It should be noted that many of the pictures are of the bar just as it was refurbished. Current pictures are of the bar in the crate and of the bar with the grey tooling on the bench. Also, the picture of the tool gauge is not the gauge that will be sent with the machine, but one that is the same asit. Shipping!! - I just used the freight calculator and discover their rates are junk! About twice as much as another service I use. I can work with you when we sell, but if you want a set of good quotes,go to: www.freightcenter.com
Information you will need: My zip is 13207 and I am residential, the crate is 12" W X 14" L and 32" T, 200 pounds.

On Feb-16-11 at 11:57:26 PST, seller added the following information:

Update!!Boring size is wrong in the listing!This machine bores from:2.186" (column diameter)to4.112" (Maximum Diameter with largest CAT Paws)

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