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Vintage 1948 Little Black Sambo Golden Book Edition For Sale

Vintage 1948 Little Black Sambo Golden Book Edition

This item has been shown 0 times.

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Vintage 1948 Little Black Sambo Golden Book Edition:

Estate Item

Vintage 1948 Little Black Sambo Golden Book Edition

Condition Issues..... Please see enlarged detailed photos to view & assess condition for yourself. All sales as-is/Final Shipping includes modest handling per estate contract. ENJOY!!!!

BEING GREEN: Istriveto run a GREEN sale. If possible, clean, appropriate shipping boxes of all sizes,envelopesand packing materials,are gathered on recycling days to help reduce landfill. It takes time and effort, butI am proud to do my part to help reduce the stress on our environment, Landfills and overall Carbon Foot Print. We cansometimeseven acquirethe packing tape that seals the boxes at estate cleanouts. So remember, THINK GREEN!!! When you have packing peanuts or bubble wrap, put them out in clear bags to possibly get recycled by people like myself and you can be a little greener too. :)

Shipping Time: DOMESTIC Purchases are usually posted within 3 businessdays (not incl Sat, Sun or Holidays). if payments are not recieved promptly, scheduling conflicts may cause delays in getting items out. Items being shipped INTERNATIONAL, may require up to 7 days, as I must physically go to the post office myself to ship first class(Can't do it on paypal).

S&H: Please understand, it is my goal to offer quality items at low beginning prices..... or put up inexpensive items that don't bring in a large profit, but I knoware desirable to many buyers. I run an honest sale and I do not hide/absorb handling costs in inflated starting prices.Also, many times, handling charges aredetermined by estate contracts(not me). Please look at S&H Before offerding. andif it is an issue pleasemake all related inquiries at least 2 days before end of sale, while there is still time to makeadjustments, if possible.By offerding on or purchasing listed item, you have viewed & pre-approved S&H. Keep in mind, amount of S&H has direct effect on final offerding totals. If, onoccassion, the S/H isa bit miscalculated on the high side, it ends up lowering the offerding totals, so it is impossible toissue partial refunds after the sale has ended. However,should a customer wish to cancel a sale upon viewing invoice, I'm more than happy to accommodate. Once a customer pays an invoice, the customer has agreed that the S/H is fairand reasonable and shall not be made an issue at any later dates.

PLEASE REMEMBER low DSR's can raise seller costs, limit sale visibility and even put good sellers out of business!!! If you wantdesirable conscientious sellers to keep starting offers low... and want them to keep puting up those inexpensive(low profit) items.....and If you want overall SWEET deals... Keep those DSR's 5 Star.5 Star DSR's bring our costs down and we can pass it on to you, the customer!!! Afterall, that's what internet buying is all about, right?

Thank you for checking things out and, ENJOY!!!

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