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Vintage Ben Pearson #304 Take-Down Recurve Bow Early Takedown 1950's For Sale

Vintage Ben Pearson #304 Take-Down Recurve Bow Early Takedown 1950's

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Vintage Ben Pearson #304 Take-Down Recurve Bow Early Takedown 1950's:

NOTE: Thebow will be shipped insured which is included in the shipping costs. I'll cover any additional insurance required by the purchase price. Please note that the shipping terms are five business days. I usually get things out much quicker, but due to health issues (Multiple Sclerosis) I have to allow for the occasional days when I'm not able to do much. Keep this in mind if trying to contact me as well. I will respond but at times it may take a bit longer. This is a bulky item, so shipping will be a bit higher than usual.

Offered for your consideration is an early vintage model 304take-downrecurve bow from Ben Pearson. This is an early take-down that dates to the 1950's. It is exceptionally nice and complete. It includes its original storage case, bowstring, and even the stringing instructions still wrapped in the original cellophane. The storage case may be even more of a rarity than the bow itself.

The bow has seen very little use.It looks as though it was strung one time, shot a couple times, and then un-strung and put back in its case for the next half century. It is all original and has no replacement components or repairs. It has not been cleaned, painted, or refinished, and remains completely original.

This is aclassic vintage early glass take-down bow. The stringing instructions are marked "40/45" and I'm assuming that's the draw weight. There are also some numbers on the end that inserts into the handle as shown. The thick fiberglass limbs are free of any cracks, chips, gouges, delamination, or any other damage with just a couple scattered light scuffs from storage/handling. The "Ben Pearson" decal appears to be a water transfer decal and it remains intact. The tips remain very nice as well with no damage and almost no wear. The string was not on this bow for very long at all. The handle is of steel and was tightly wrapped in thick, fine leather. It shows a bit of yellow paint transfer from arrows as shown, and the limb next to the handle shows some light arrow shaft scuffing. The limbs fit perfectly and securely. The string shows very little wear and the serving is free of any fraying or damage. After half a century it could probably use a bit of wax, butit's otherwisebe ready to go.

The storage case is of some type of simulated suede with a fleece lining. The edges and tip are of stitched vinyl and the top has a storage pouch in the underside for the bowstring. It's tough to see in the photos but the vinyl on the tip is marked in gold "Ben Pearson". The case is free of any cuts, tears, punctures, cracking, or damage with just some light soiling as shown. It shows no water damage and the snaps both snap securely.

The storage case measures 35" and the bow is just over 64" assembled and unstrung.

If you're a collector or enthusiast of these early glass take-downs, this example is about as original as they come.

Aclassic vintage take-down bow from a respected name in archery!!

Sorry, but no international shipping.

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