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Vintage Fender Guitar Neon Light Store Display Sign For Sale

Vintage Fender Guitar Neon Light Store Display Sign

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Vintage Fender Guitar Neon Light Store Display Sign :

Music Store Display Fender Neon SignOkay, this month we've got loads of vintage stuff from a local music store. Check my other sales for the rest.Fully functioning, older music store display neon Fender sign. App. 30+" wide-ish. Comes with metal framework and brackets and will work wherever you can plug it in. Note about shipping neon: I would advise picking this sign up locally. I can ship it, but it will be expensive as it will need professional packaging, insurance etc. and even then, there's no guarantee the fragile neon will make the trip. We've gotten many neon signs in that need repairing even though they've been well-packed up. Don't use the calculated shipping as your guide. email me for a shipping estimate fr your area. Local pickup is free.
MY sale Rules:
As a result of 14+ years of selling experience - I no longer accept offers from users with under 5 positive response points without granting permission first. Which means you have to send me a message before offerding. If you have less than 5 response points and you offer without contacting me first, your offer will be removed by me. Why do I do this? Well partly because low response buyers represent a "flight risk". And partly because if you have under 5 points and you offer, that means you didn't read this statement and that means that chances are good that you didn't read other crucial info in the listing and that usually doesn't bode well for a joyful transaction for either of us. I will cheerfully entertain "Buy It Now" offers. I don't understand why some sellers say they won't, but that's their wacky bizzle. It is completely within rules and policies to end an sale early, sell to the highest buyer or add a "Buy It Now" price after the sale has started. So feel free to inquire. How NOT to do it is by sending me a message that says - "Do you have a Buy It Now price in mind?" Clearly, if I had, I would have already listed the item that way. And when you ask that it is either a rookie move or because you think, or hope that I'm a rookie. I'm not. So that leaves you. The real question is - Do YOU have a Buy It Now price offer in mind to run past me? There's a fine line between greed and stupidity. However there's a bigger gap between laziness and greed. If you make a reasonable offer, even though I might do better waiting the full week for the sale to close - I may just sell it to you anyway because I'm bored. Maybe I need the cash fast for a craps game on our block. Or maybe I just found that elusive bottle of 1964 Westvleteren 12 I've been searching for, who knows. The point is - heck, give it a shot. Payment:
All payments must be received within 5 days after the end of the sale. If this doesn't happen, I will not get in a vehicle and chase you down like a criminal, but I have my settings so that if you haven't paid by then, an "Unpaid Item" process complaint will automatically be filed. So don't take it personally. Shipping & Handling
In what can only be described as a "heavy-handed" edict bordering on an antitrust, class-action-worthy monopoly, has forced its sellers to only accept PayPal for payment. This in turn has forced sellers to adopt near-excessive shipping policies. I am happy to discuss less expensive shipping options BEFORE sale ends. But please don't ask/complain about them after the sale has ended, because I can't do anything about it then.Due to PayPal's policies regarding electronic tracking requirements All items must be shipped using electronic tracking. Additionally, any item that sells for over $200 MUST be shipped with signature confirmation. For US customers, we use USPS or UPS shipping services. For overseas customers, shipping service will be determined based on what country it's going to. Shipping servide is determined after the sale's end, depending on who wins it and where they live.Note to ALL international/Overseas/Foreign buyers including those in Canada: We are happy to sell to overseas buyers BUT due to PayPal's policies regarding tracking requirements, we are forced to employ shipping services that may add cost to your total costs. If you wish to offer on this item, and you're overseas - contact me BEFORE sale's end and before offerding to discuss other shipping options. Yes, I know it shouldn't cost so much to send a small packet to Europe. It's PayPal's policy, not mine. Give them a call. So far, I've worked things out with every overseas buyer and seller I've done business with. And thanks to my increasingly expensive Belgian Ale habit - that's fairly often.We have found that the shipping calculator is often incorrect, so don't count on it as the final word. We can't make an accurate guess on insurance cost until we know how much the item actually needs to be insured for, which obviously - in the case of an sale item - we won't know until the sale is over. And please don't get in a twist because I quoted UPS but shipped FedEx etc. I ship with the best shipping service available for the item, and doesn't always show them all. We do NOT undervalue items for customs or insurance reasons, so please don't ask us to break the law for you. I have no way of controlling or knowing what fees YOUR post office or customs office will dump on you.

We DO combine shipping on multiple items whenever possible. But no, I won't ship out a Faberge Egg and a box of bowling balls in the same shipment.Orders will be processed and shipped after receipt of valid payment. We process and ship orders only on SATURDAYS.We don't like this any more than you do. I already know about and use 'Click n' Ship', so please don't feel the need to alert me of its existence. (1998 called, it wants its Online Postal Breakthrough News back) It's simply because my work schedule forces me to travel between M-F and I cannot usually even pack things until Friday night. Sometimes we get lucky and get it out earlier. Terms & Conditions:
Items listed for sale in this sale are sold "as is" and sales are final. That means, ASK ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE THE sale'S END. I have really good response for a reason, and have been selling on for 14 years. I don't misrepresent items intentionally. But occasionally a mistake gets made. If there's something you expect something to be, do, or have, and if I don't mention that thing in my description - you'd better check. Because once you receive it, it's yours to keep, cherish, and eventually get tired of and put up on yourself. (it's a circle of life) I'm one person, not Wal-Mart. If you are unsure about something - save all of us some time and just ask me before the sale's end.

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