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Vintage French TICKING fabric upholstery Blue 69in WIDE For Sale

Vintage French TICKING fabric upholstery Blue 69in WIDE

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Vintage French TICKING fabric upholstery Blue 69in WIDE:

        • ~*~Hello and thank you for looking~*~

          Lovely Vintage French ticking fabric dating c1950-1960

        • I am selling this wonderful vintage Frenchticking by the ONE yard length,it is 5.75 feet wide (69 inches wide) ~ ( should you require longer lengths, simply change the quantity button. EG should you require a5 yard length simply change the quantity button to 5 and you will receive one long length measuring 5 yards long by5.75 feet wide!! (if purchasing multiple lengths, please email me for an invoice for combined shipping savings~*~ )

        • This is a wonderful find~ this bolt of unused Vintage French ticking fabric dates from around the 1950-1960's. Ithas a wonderful medium blue and sky blue stripe! Very very wide fabric ~*~ Thisbold is a very long bolt, and is unused. It would have been used to make mattress covers, so needed to be extremely durable. It is a woven fabric and on the selvage about every yard and a half is thestamp ( Toile Metis Fleur Bleue 888). Both selvages are intact on this lovely woven fabric. Stunning heavy weight fabric made from a natural cotton warp and a linen weft. The tone of the warp thread is a lovely pale natural tone and the weft linen is a dark, flaxy tone, giving the overall tone of this lovely fabric a lovely paler natural tone! ~ it is SO heavy in weight!!~ Ideal for heavy upholstery jobs, pillows etc ~ ! ~*~

        • Condition: This ticking is in amazing , unused condition! It is in original, unwashed condition. One side of this ticking has some storage dirt that should all wash beautifully ~ however if you are planning to use this fabric for any project with both sides showing, please email me before your purchase and I will check the other side of the fabric to be sure that I feel that all storge dirt will wash beautifully! ~*~ There are no holes ~

        • ~*~The word ticking , is derived from the latin word Tica, which means casing! These textiles were usually used to cover mattress and daybed covers which were, in most cases, filled with feathers~ Ticking fabric has been used for centuries because of tis strength and durability , which make it a very practical fabric ( and beautiful! ).There are some very tiny rust marks on this piece~ These ticking fabrics are alsowonderfulwhen combined with antique toiles, small and large scale antique florals and other ticking stripes ~*~

        • ~*~Please see my other itemsfor more textile treasures~*~
    • ~*~For weekly updates, please add me to you favourites list~*~

    • ~*~Important information~*~ 100% Customer satisfaction is extremely important to me! If you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact me immediately~*~ I would always endeavor to solve any problems together with my customer. I am a very friendly er and simply determined to bring beautiful textiles to the world! I strive for both a 100% positive rating and 5 STAR services ratings so please contact me immediately if you feel I did not meet your expectations in any way. I take a great deal of care and pride in describing each textile very accurately. I also use many photographs to show the textiles also as I feel it is very important to see the exact condition, colors, texture, size etc of each textile. If ever you feel that I have missed anything, please contact me immediately as it would have been an oversight, never an intentional omission!~*~ I always post quickly; every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I always combine shipping charges to save my customers money on postage. You will always get the most economical postage rates from Loodylady~*~ this is important to me! If there is a discrepancy of more than $1.00 between what you paid and the actual postage charge, please email as it would have only been a mistake on my part and you will be refunded. ~*~ All of my textiles are wrapped in acid free tissue and sent in water tight wrapping, at no extra charge to my customers. I politely request that all items be paid for within 7 days. All items that I sell are either vintage or antique, and the individual item condition will be described to the best of my ability however, often flaws are inherent in vintage and antique textiles. Please email me if condition is vital to your purchase and we can discuss condition in detail. I feel privileged and honored to bring these textiles to you, I sincerely thank you for your interest ~*~

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