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Vintage Pioneer CS-99A Speakers NR For Sale

Vintage Pioneer CS-99A Speakers NR

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Vintage Pioneer CS-99A Speakers NR:

Up for No-Reserve sale: A very nice pair of vintage Pioneer CS-99A Speakers. These Speakers are in very good condition. The FB drivers Woofers, Mids, Tweeters and Horn all look and perform flawlessly. Each speaker sports six drivers, including a massive 15" woofer, plus Tone Controls for High and Mid-frequencies, on the rear panel. With Super-Tweeters which perform beyond human hearing abilities, it's quite obvious--nothing was left to chance. These vintage Speakers perform and sound incredible.

Cosmetically, the Cabinets have a few nicks and small scratches here and there, mostly on the bottom--no water damage or separating corners. The Grills' cloth has some stains and small nicks. Overall, these are some excellent looking and phenomenal sounding vintage speakers.

These Vintage CS-99A(s) will be verysafely packaged, and shipped in separate boxes.

The shipping calculator reflects cost for shipping ONE Speaker X 2=Total.

Thanks for your interest and food luck offerding.

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