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Vintage old Deans Rag Book Childsplay Toys Teddy Bear, 1960s 22'' original label For Sale

Vintage old Deans Rag Book Childsplay Toys Teddy Bear, 1960s 22'' original label

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Vintage old Deans Rag Book Childsplay Toys Teddy Bear, 1960s 22'' original label:

Vintage Dean's Rag Book Childsplay Toys Teddy Bear, dating from early 1960's with original label,

made of golden mohair,

fully jointed,

feels to be stuffed with soft stuffing and wood-wool throughout,

has got original brown and black plastic eyes,

original black moulded nose, inverted T shape mouth stitching,

original red velveteen pads in very good condition,

three claws stitched on each paw,
has got non working growler on his back.
Childsplay Toys label stitched into left side seam.

Approx. 22'' tall.

Condition - item is in very good condition for the age with minor general wear.

Please, feel free to ask if you need more pictures or information.

Note for the buyers from USA - there are issues with postage to USA, due to Homeland Security, as they are checking all the parcels. There are delays up to 3-4 weeks. Please, bear in mind that I won't be able to speed up postage, be patient.

Please note, from UK buyers I would appreciate payment via Personal Checks and Postal Orders. Buyers from overseas, please, pay via PayPal.

Payment must be received within 7 days after sale ends. If you have problems paying in time, please, contact me.

Happy offerding!

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