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Waldon WD80 Dozer In Excellent Condition For Sale

Waldon WD80 Dozer In Excellent Condition

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Waldon WD80 Dozer In Excellent Condition:

What we have here up for sale is a Waldon WD80 6 way blade dozer that is in excellent condition.I believe it is either a 2000 0r 2001. With appox. 400 HRS on it. Those of you that never heard of this make. Waldon builds huge mining equipment. As the mining got scarce Waldon went into a smaller market for a few years. They couldn't compete with the more familiar names so they discontinued the dozer line. Being said they still make all the parts and they are easy to obtain and a lot cheaper then the more familiar companies. It has a Cummins 4B3.9 engine. That puts out 80HP. It is Hydrostatic drive with joy stick control. The 6-way blade is a a single joy stick T-bar control. The blade is 93 inches long 28 inches high. As you can see in the pictures it has ROPS and limb risers on it. This machine is a dream to operate makes fine grading a breeze. I would compare it to a D-3 power and grade wise. It makes an average operator look good. There are no leaks,funny noises,or any other surprises. Everything works as it should. I also have the service and parts manuals. This machine is kept indoors when not in use. Check out my response and offer with confidence. I don't waste people's time it's to valuable. Sorry no Pay-Pal for this item. Shipping cost and arrangements are the responsibility of the new lucky owner. I will assist in any way I can. I can deliver it for a cost if that helps. If you need a specific picture let me know. Any questions please feel free to call Matt at (609)517-6007 Thanks for looking and GOOD LUCK
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