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Water Well Drilling Rig For Sale

Water Well Drilling Rig

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Water Well Drilling Rig:

Used, Custom built trailer water well drilling rig. Includes: 6 ft x 10 ft Trailer. Trailer has no registration or lights, will include bill of sale by manufacturer. It has 15” Tires and takes a 2” Ball.Auger motor is a3.8 HP Centura Earth Auger with water swivel and manual winch control, 4.0 HP Champion water pump, water pump packing starting to leak. Approximately 125 +ft of 1 ¼” pipe (5 ft. sections),Includes a2 1/4” andan 8” hard faced drilling bits. This rig was used 4 times to drill for water and has successfully gone over 120' deep. Water pump and earth auger both were purchased at Tractor Supply in 2005. Drill tower is 8-½ ft high and swings down for transport. Rig has not been used or started in 2 years. sale is as-is and local pick-up only. We built this rig in our shop and have personally used it to drill for water. Please email with any questions. Reserve is less than what you would pay for a trailer.
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