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Williams Official Baseball 1960 Pitch and Bat For Sale

Williams Official Baseball 1960 Pitch and Bat

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Williams Official Baseball 1960 Pitch and Bat:

1960 Williams Official Baseball.. one of the most visually stunning of the baseball games since 1937 Rockola World Series Baseball. This is the only other game with 3d animated baseball figures on the field that I know of. Included with this game are a schematic and an instruction book. This game has a new set of reproduction men that were hand painted by me, and they turned out great. These are a better material than that used new. There is a new Shay backglass, nice running man unit with all it's men. Complete and in good shape. The field looks great with no wear holes or wear through (just a little dirt). The bat lever has been rechromed as well as the score card holders... The coin door was media blasted and repainted with hammer tone, still need to hang the coin mechs (I was going to polish the coin reject rods first). Great game to play as is or finish the restoration for a true classic that will be worth more than your investment. Official baseball is destined to be a classic collectible due to the 3d players and running man unit. Cabinet needs to be reglued in the back left corner. I noticed this when I moved it around the other day. It should be an easy repair, just thought I'd mention this. Otherwise nothing major.
If you need more details or pictures please let me know. I'm downsizing to make more room for toy trains.The game works and plays well now, I spent many hours going over it when I got it to get it functioning. Given that this is a vintage piece of electromechanical arcade equipment it can and will need adjustment, cleaning or repair at any given time. This is the nature of these devices. It is being sold as-is/where-is due to this. With no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied.The Good Any Time advertising piece is not included!Pinball, Baseball, Arcade, Pitch and Bat

On Oct-01-12 at 13:48:10 PDT, seller added the following information:

As per requests I have remounted all coin gear including slug rejectors to the coin door. The slug rejectors will still need a cleaning and servicing, but should work fine once this is done. They look to be in good condition. Coin switches will manually add on a game.

On Oct-01-12 at 18:47:44 PDT, seller added the following information:

I neglected to mention this is the DELUXE OFFICIAL BASEBALL.. this is the replay version as opposed to the novelty version. This one has a knocker and racks up free games for reaching certain goals. For instance I have it set now to hit a free game upon reaching 16 runs and 20 runs. This is user adjustable. It can also rack up free games for topping score.. You can also adjust from one to three innings and turn on or off scoring for infield holes. This means that infield players holes will light up randomly awarding a base if you land in the hole when lit. When not lit it is an out. Many adjustable features on this version to increase playability!

On Oct-02-12 at 12:09:34 PDT, seller added the following information:

In regards to shipping and pickup of this game to be clear. You can pick it up in person OR you can contract a shipper to pick it up. There are no restrictions regarding this, as long as you make the arrangements and handle payment to the shipper of your choice. There are a number of them out there like NAVL, STI or recently I heard of a company called FASTENAL that ships very reasonably! I will do what I can on my end to ensure a smooth transition from my house/shop to the truck, making sure they wrap it carefully and move it with care. Thanks!

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