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XXL Cheap, Simple, Safe, Hydroponics/DWC Growing System For Sale

XXL Cheap, Simple, Safe, Hydroponics/DWC Growing System

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XXL Cheap, Simple, Safe, Hydroponics/DWC Growing System:

XXL Cheap, Simple, Safe, Hydroponics/DWC Growing System. 24" L x 18" W x 16" H., 18 Gallon FDA approved P.P. reservoir. Leaches less than ABP, or vinyl/PVC. Comes with Six inch Top Quality Mesh Pots. DOES NOT INCLUDE HYDROTON!.

Thissystem isBoth "DEEP WATER CULTURE& an Adjustable DRIP FEED Hybrid, combined into one system. These Systems can Grow Any Plant, from A to Z. They are 100% SAFE and Easy to Use!!!.

Wedevelopedour systems to be Very Simple, Inexpensive, Reliable,of Excellent Quality, andthe latest Technology. How it works; Water is pumper directly from the18 gallon reservoir to the adjustable, filtered, patented, distribution manifold, then through the alge resistant black feed lines with fully adjustable emitters, directly to the plants roots. Plants canbe transplanted from soil, directlyto these units, (wash root system in warm water of all particles, before planting)you can start fresh from seeds, cuttings,plugsorrock wool, or you can use cuttings from anaeroponic or subsonic cloner to begin propagation. The reservoir is rinsed every 3-4 weeks by filling the reservoir 3/4 full of water. (warm works best) This dissolves and rinses the salt deposits left behind by most nutrients and keeps the water from becoming "toxic" with salt build up. Water is drained with the provided drain line and pump adapter. This simple step which should be done with ALL systems gets rid of the need for a drain plug in the reservoir and the hazards that come with them leaking, or being bumped, or accidentally left on.
What's in The Box: 1-18 Gallon Reservoir with the holes cut in the lid. 4-6 inch Mesh Pots. 1Assembled, Adjustable, Filtered, Life time warranted water manifold. 4-0 to1/2 gallon per hour, adjustable emitters. The System is 90% ready-to-go, out of the box. All the air & water hosecut and installed on thedistribution manifold,for4 Complete Growing Sites. 1Hydrofarm Magnetic Driven, oillessWater Pump. 1 AdjustableAir Pump. 1-6inch Air Stone. All the Holes are pre cut, this is Not a DIY build it yourself kit, this is a complete turn key system. Completeinstructions (it's a Very Simple System). 15minutes of Free phone help. (on request) All the parts used in building the system areof ExcellentQuality and all parts have a one year miniumwarranty depending on the part. Our special patented fitting on the submersible pump and theair stone, circulate the water constantly which helps strengthenthe roots, bigger roots = Bigger Flowers & Vegetables. This is a basic, simplifiedDWC/DRIP FEEDgrowing system with fully adjustable emitters. This system works by pressurizing water via. a submersible water pump andpumping it throughthe water distribution manifold to 1/4" black feed lines that deliver water directlyto the root system from the adjustable emitters. This unit can beplugged intoa timer to deliver water at timed intervals throughout the day (not provided). Extra aeration is provided by an air pump andXL air stone, this along with our special water circulator keeps the nutrients constantly mixed and very well oxygenated. Thedrip manifoldcan be left in untill harvest, or taken out, once enough roots reach the water in the bottom of the reservoir. Pleasecontactus for:

Add-on Sites.


Building a brand newcustomized system from 1 to 99 sites.

Complete systems including Reservoir, Plumbing,growing medium, Organic Nutrients,Lights, Reflectors, Fans, Co2regulators, Cloning Systemand written instructions.

Consulting Services. Please Know this,We do giveout freeinformation without favoritism toAny seller or supplier, after you purchase a system.We get no perks from Anyone for giving out the item #'s. Thesuggestionswe will give you when you buy a system are a general guide line.We can give you a pretty close estimate on the cost of a system, or what system is right for you as well. You might find something cheaper, butWe have spent a fair amount of time "shopping" to save you the time and $$$. Feel free to shop on your own, just be sure to research, Beforeyou Buy and only buy What you can Afford.We don't mind giving out a little free information to those who need it, before you buy. If you decide to buy elsewhere andyou need Detailed information on what equipment to purchase, the consulting listingwill save you hundreds, or thousands, depending on your budget.This system may be used to grow Any plant, from A, to Z, without using "dirt" as a growing medium, this system is Safe, Reliable, Simple and Incredibly Productive. Wedonot sell systems for Illegal use. These systems may be used to grow almostany plant. That being said, we do this to help people in pain looking for "other means" to control their pain, without addicting and harmful narcotics. We are here for Vets, the poor and people looking for a natural medicine.
These Systems can Grow Giant Vegetables, Flowers, Shrubs, Ground Cover and Bonzi, or shorter plants Very Quickly. They are 100% SAFE and Easy to Use!!!. These hydroponic systems may be used to grow Any plant.If you are new to Hydroponics, or Growing, we will help you get set up, after you make a system purchase. We Do Care and we will Not leave you Stranded, or Lost, if you need Additional Guidance, or Support.Thanks for Looking & Happy Growing!, Always Hydroponics.See my other listings for more great items!
13" x 10" spacing with8, 1/2 gallon per hour emitters and a fully adjustable water manifold (0-160gph.) DOES NOT INCLUDE HYDROTON!. Emitter can be placed Anywhere in the 6" mesh pots and the plants can be planted in the far corners of the pots for 20" x 14" spacing between plants The 35 & even the smaller 18 gallon reservoirs provide adequate room & Air Space for Proper Root Development using DWC. Super Aeration is provided by the Air Pump, Air Stone and our Own Special Live Water Circulator. Takes less than 5 minutes to set up & comes with 15 minute phone consultation and 20 yrs. of combined soil and hydroponic growing tips, hints and VERY DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS Use Hydroton, Silica Rock, Grow Rock, Grow stones, Rockwool, Coco tek inserts, Coco fiber or 1/2" to 1.5" river rock as a growing medium. All the holes have de-burred and a rubber grommet is used for the power and air lines. Add G.H. Flora 3 part nutrients, some Flora Shield, Flora Kleen ,Flora Blend, Diamond Nectar, Kool Bloom, Hygrozyme, A P.H. control kit & your Light Years Ahead of the Rest. DOES NOT INCLUDE HYDROTON!. Magnetic drive, oiless, submersible water pump by Hydrofarm. Fully adjustable, extra quiet air pump to aerate the water and keep the nutrients well agitated. This along with the aerated water from the sprayers is unbeatable. Rectangular Air Stone Aerates better than smaller stones because of the shape and surface area of the stone.
Payment method Preferred/Accepted
PayPal Preferred Immediate payment required for this item

Shipping and handling
Item location: Brookings, Oregon, United States
Shipping to: United States, Canada You will recieve an email with tracking number when item is ready to ship. This also includes free delivery confirmation. We Cannot be held responsible for Postal negligence, but we do insure any purchase over 100$, free of charge and All shipments using UPS are insured, including shipments under 100$.We often give 3 shipping options to USA buyers, Please remember, Parcel is slow, it can take up to 21 days,,,,Yes I said 21 days, not the 2-9 days they advertise. All items are shipped in unmarked containers. We do combine shipping on multiple purchases, except certain oversized items. Some of the shipping on our Larger systems is expensive, as they are multiple (2-4) cartons & most are also oversized as well.You are charged the Actual Shipping Price, we Do Not charge Any Handling fees.International Buyers are Responsible for ANY additional Taxes, Tariffs, or Duties. These Charges are Not Included in the International Shipping Rates.Domestic handling time
Will usually ship within 2-4 business days of receiving cleared payment.
Return policy
Item must be returned for a refund. Refunds will be given as Return policy details
7 days after the buyer receives it Exchange
The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. Add to Favorite Sellers Other Items response Contact About Page store
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