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Yugioh Deck Trishula Shien Glow Sychro Boxes Six Holo For Sale

Yugioh Deck Trishula Shien Glow Sychro Boxes Six Holo

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Yugioh Deck Trishula Shien Glow Sychro Boxes Six Holo:

Please read everything so nothing is unclear, this is not a scam, there's no dice roll, this is not a random lot. This is for real cards not digital cards. check my response ;] as of now 251100% (for more info who your buying from click ME next to my ID)First off I would like to saw I'm quitting yugioh, so your getting my whole collections. Everything you see you WILL get. offer starts at 0.99 cents, free shipping.
Every card is real Konami Official, the Condition Varies since this is my whole collection, but for the most part they are in good condition.
Rarities. Commons, Rares, Super Rares, Ultra Rares, Secret Rares, Ultimate Rares, Limited, and Hobby League, Gold Rares, Dual Terminals. This is my whole collection, what do you expect.
The biggest stack you see in that picture is ALL Holo, There's even more holo's in the folders,decks,etc. The cards that are not in boxes will be placed in boxes wrapped and so on. they will be protected.
The folder is made up of 17 pages, and every card in it is holo except one. Which is effect veiler located in the picture, so 17 pages, front and back would make 34, so 34x 9 (card slots) =306 - 1(effect veiler) that's 305 Holos just the folder, Not counting that huge stack.
You also get the sneak peek shooting star dragon mat.
You get 4 tin boxes and 4 booster boxes (everything is already been open, you'll notice some if not most of it it's there since this is my whole collection)
You also get 3 Tournament level decks.
Legendary Six Samurai deck (All of these card are in Great Condition)

LSS Kizan x3 supers, 1 is 1st ed
Grandmaster of the six x2 (one is gold rare and one is super both limited)
LSS Kagemusha x3 1st ed
Great Shogun Shien x1 Ultimate 1st ed
Enishi, Shien's Chancellor x1 Ultra 1st ed

Mirror Force x1 1st ed
Double Edged Sword x3, 1 is 1st ed, 2 is Limited
Call of the Haunted x1 1st ed
Trap Stun x11st ed

Reinforcement of the Army x1 hobby league
Shien Smoke signal x3 rare 1st ed
Gateway of the Six x1 rare

Giant Trunade x1 1st ed
Mystical Space typhoon x2 1st ed
Dark Hole

You Also get a OTK Batteryman deck and a A-Counter Alien Deck.
Every deck comes with sleeves, and a deck box.
If you didn't look at the pictures than yeah you also get:Trishula -Secret1st edGlow up -Ultimate1st edBlack Rose - Ultra CSOC-EN039Judgement Dragon - GoldCaiuss - GoldTuning - Ultra1st edGoyo - Secret LimitedDragunity Knight - Trident and BarchaThousand Eye RestrictGorzScrap Mind Reader/BreakerMagician of Black ChaosYou also get my Blue Eyes Collection located in the folder.You will get a lot of holos, a lot. and a lot of commons and rares as well.There's so many cards to list them all.You can easily make different decks from these cards.


I accept PAYPAL PAYMENTS only.

All in state residents will be charged state sales tax during the Checkout process.

Once the sale ends, the winning buyer can pay using the Checkout button, or wait to receive an automated email invoice shortly after the sale ends, with totals and payment instructions.

Checkout must be completed within 4 days of the close of sale (per policy), and all payments must be made within this time period. If payment isn't received within four days, will automatically file a non paying buyer notice.


Shipping is free, I'm shipping only to the 48 states within the US and maybe Canada. If you would like me to ship someone outside the US ask me before the sale ends. I'm also shipping to yourverified Paypal address, so be sure to pay with the correct address.I try to process and ship orders Monday through Friday. As of now we do not ship on Saturday, Sundays, or National holidays. All completed orders (checkout and payment completed) will be shipped out within3businessdays except on Saturdays, Sundays or national holidays. If a holiday falls on a weekday, we will not ship that day.

Please remember the faster you pay the faster I ship!!

Who is responsible for customs fees?I am isNOTresponsible for any customs charges. International buyers (mainly on Canada) will associated with shipping their items to them. Also please do not ask us to mark your purchase as a gift as this is illegal being that it is not… Thank you!

As of now we do not offer shipping outside of theUnited Statesexcept forCanadawe are sorry for any inconvenience


I'm sorry there are no returns since this is An As-Is item, Also Lost or damaged items from the post office is not myresponsibility. Once it is shipped the items become your responsibility, BUT I will neatly pack and wrap the items before shipping. I'm not gonna wrap glass with paper like an idiot. I'll do it with bubble wrap than paper, so a secure shipment.


response for the buyer will be left upon payment of the item as this is the only requirement of the buyer. Unlike most stores and sellers, I do not believe in holding a positive response over your head until you leave us one.


--- THE sale ---Do you end sales early?No, we do not end sales early. All my sales go for the full duration. I also do not accept offers.Can you ship outside of theUnited States?As of now I only ship toCanada.I'm inCanada, how much will I pay to have an item shipped to me?Shipping rates vary; please see the specific item(s) you are interested in purchasing for details. All additional items will be $1.00 off if shipped at the same time for Canadian residents.Do you take any other forms of payment besides Paypal?No.Can you send me additional photos of the item?Unfortunately, due to the high volume of items we receive each day, I cannot take additional photos of specific items.

On Aug-30-11 at 20:13:42 PDT, seller added the following information:

This is the Batteryman OTK: Very powerful deck, If you don't know how it works here's a link. It's similar to Six Industrial Strength x3Guardian Of Order x2Honest x1Batteryman Fuel Cell x3Batteryman Charger x2Batteryman AA x3Batteryman Micro-Cell x3Batteryman D x1
Spells:Inferno Reckless Summon x3Battery Charger x3Upstart Goblin x3Short Circuit x3Trade-In x2Dark Hole x1Monster Reborn x1CardDestructionx1Giant Trunade x1
Trap:Reckless Greed x3
Alien Deck: A -Counter (it weakens the opponents) It's a bit slower in my opinion but it still works. ( is there's no number beside it, that means there's only one quantity of it, like Alien Mother)
Monster:Alien MotherAlien Ammonite x3Alien Telepath x2Alien Warrior x3Alien Overlord x3Alien Dog x2Alien KidAlien Grey
Spells:Swords of revealing LightsDark HoleMonster RebornMysterious Triangle x2Otherworld - The "A" zone x2"A" Cell Breeding Device x2"A" Cell Scatter BurstCode A Ancient Ruins
Traps:Torrential TributeCall Of the HauntedMirror ForceBottomless Trap Hole x2Offering To the Snake Deity x2Mass HypnosisPlanet Pollutant VirusAlien Brain x2Cell Explosion Virus x2

On Aug-30-11 at 20:30:25 PDT, seller added the following information:

Oh I also forgot to mention that the Alien deck had 3 synchros
Cosmic Fortress Gol'Gar x2Ancient Sacred Wyvern.
Thanks and good luck everyone, remember this is gonna be sold at whatever the sale ends at, and will not be cancelled under any condition. Happy offerding! >.> also thanks for helping me pay my speeding ticket.

On Aug-31-11 at 18:33:23 PDT, seller added the following information:

Someone asked me if the Tin's/Boxes were already filled? well there's no point in sending them if there empty right? :P   

On Sep-01-11 at 22:31:41 PDT, seller added the following information:

Gateway of the Six is Super Rare and not Rare, Same goes for Shien's Dojo, They are both Super Rare. Sorry about that.

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