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Wood-Mizer LT10 Portable Sawmill Bandsaw - 10HP For Sale

Wood-Mizer LT10 Portable Sawmill Bandsaw - 10HP

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Wood-Mizer LT10 Portable Sawmill Bandsaw - 10HP:

*Available in US only. Sales tax may apply. To be determined by your location.

The LT10 reflects decades of refinements and the accumulated experience of the tens of thousands of Wood-Mizer sawmills that went before. It isn’t a toy or a crude copy of someone else’s idea. In fact, it is held to the same high safety and performance standards as the rest of the Wood-Mizer line.

Sawmill Specifications Log Capacity** 24” dia. x 11’ long Maximum Board Width 19.5” Production Capability Up to 125 BF/HR† Weight 559 lbs (253kg)


• 10HP Briggs & Stratton pull start gas engine
• Two 7’ bed sections for total length of 14’ to cut up to 11’ log
• One Wood-Mizer blade


• Operator Position: Walk along
• Feed System: Easily push the cutting head through the log
• Head Up/Down: Locking latch lever secures head position for cutting
• Heavy-duty Ball-Bearing Rollers: Ensures smooth, trouble-free head travel on bed rails


• Manual Log handling with cant hook
• Allows cut within 1” of the bed
• Unlimited 7’ bed sections can be added for long logs
• Sits low to the ground and requires minimal lifting of the log
• Four drop in side supports are adjustable to tightly clamp log


• Water Lube system keeps the blade in optimum cutting condition
• Small footprint that can be stored in the corner of a garage
• Delivered on a crate with minimal assembly required


7' Bed Extension Box of DoubleHard Blades (15 count) Price: $395.00 plus shipping Price: $285.00 plus shipping

* Prices are in U.S. dollars
** Max log capacity 3,500 lbs (1,587kg)
† Due to many variables, actual production figures will vary.

Shipping Costs by State
(Prices shown include $100 for optional liftgate service) AL $370 ND $438 AR $349 NE $370 AZ $466 NH $419 CA $495 NJ $393 CO $418 NM $465 CT $402 NV $473 DE $365 NY $379 FL $409 OH $364 GA $361 OK $363 IA $345 OR $495 ID $499 PA $246 IL $347 RI $409 KS $348 SC $368 KY $344 SD $365 LA $367 TN $339 MA $411 TX $414 MD $411 UT $449 ME $429 VA $347 MI $339 VT $406 MN $374 WA $499 MO $347 WI $360 MS $360 WV $360 MT $479 WY $480 NC $369 Pickup Locations Newnan, Georgia
Mt. Vernon, Missouri
Hannibal, New York
Wood Village, Oregon
Anchorage, Alaska
Sheridan, California
Albemarle, North Carolina
Buena Vista, Colorado
Chesterville, Maine
Perkinston, Mississippi
Basin, Montana
Shade Gap, Pennsylvania
Kirbyville, Texas
Mosinee, Wisconsin
For more information on local pickup locations,
Click Here to See Our Map

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