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Up for sale is a great vintage Kalamazoo 813-C Horizontal Metal Cutting band-saw, circa 1940's. A beautiful and working piece of equipment, this machine was removed from a working industrial enviorment as you see it in the pictures, and I have unbolted the legs from the bed, and the motor from the body, etc. for ease of transport, because, trust me, this bad-boy is really heavt (approx. 800lbs!) all you need to do is bolt it back together, and I guarantee it runs and works as it should.The cheapest you'll find another of these classic Kalamazoo on is $600, and worth every penny...this is big enough to handle most average shops/hobbyist metal chopping needs with ease! A great machine that I'm only selling due to an impending move across the country.If you collect rare vintage American made Iron, how much better and solid it is than any of today's China made junk at 5 x's the price. If you aren't aware that vintage mid-century American made wood/metal working machines are the way to go in your shop...you should find out. These machines are still running, doing their job 50-60 years later for a reason...think today's Craftsman stuff will be around even 15 years down the road? Not to mention the fantastic design aspect, which sets your shop apart from any other...machines made then were quality, quality of workmanship and design, unlike anything available today at several times the price.Start building your shop the right way, with the best made (and best looking) rare collectible industrial mid-century all American iron! Then you can be proud passing them down to your grand kids.Can't ship this big guy, so local pick -up in Chicago is the way to go, cash in hand if you want a demo...no problem! If you want to ship this great machine, I welcome assisting your shipper (try uShip) with removal...I have pallet jacks and hand-trucks, there is access...so again, no problem.Please check out my other items...I'll be listing a bunch of rare, cool, industrial chic and antique/vintage: work-tables, cabinets, welding tables, work lamps, tools, machines, etc. very shortly.
Always happy to combine shipping for any of my items!Good luck, and thanks for looking!

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