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Craftsman Carvewright Compucarve Patterns For Sale

Craftsman Carvewright Compucarve Patterns

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Craftsman Carvewright Compucarve Patterns:


TIRED OF THE SAME OLD 7 BACKGROUND PATTERNS ON CARVEWRIGHT DESIGNER? Then build up your library with my set of100+ backgroundpatterns and couple starter projects that I designed to be used with the CarveWright system, and if you count the background patterns that can be invertedto create adifferent view then the pattern count is well in excess of 100 (THATS RIGHTONLY ABOUT$.15/IMAGE COMPAIRED TO THE $7.00+ FOR A SINGLE PATTERN FROM CARVEWRIGHT OR $98 FOR OTHER BUNDLES I'VE SEEN OF THIS SIZE). Now I'm sure there are those of you saying "Hey, I can draw these myself!" That's true, if you're adept at computer drafting and have about 100hrs worth of free time go for it, but if you would rather spend your timeworking onfinished projects then this is right for you. (Note:The first two photos above are montages ofmost patternsprovided. Some are simple 2D and others have a 3D slant like the large samples provided above.)

"WOW, THAT'S A GREAT DEAL! How do I get this awesome bundle?" you're asking yourself. Simple, hit the BuyNowand youwill receive the patternsvia an emailedcompressed .zip files. Ireceive an email notification from PayPal whenI receive payment for thisitemthat provides me with your email address and usually have the patterns sent to you within one day unless I'm out of town, hence the no shipping cost to you. Solook foran email with CarveWright Patterns as the subject linein the email address associated with your PayPal account and be sure to check in your spam inbox too.

Don't worry, once unzipped the files will be in their original .bmp or .png format for the best quality in editing and importing into the CarveWright program.I prefer the .bmp and .png formatsbecause it gives the user the option to set the LxWxD, whether they want to invert the image, whether they want it floored on unfloored depending on the project they are doing, or youcan usea different CNC program that can import these file types. When you get a project that is only in the CarveWright format you are stuck with some of the settings it came in and have no editing options, and with the price you have to pay for a single pattern I don’t think that’s fair.Feel free to import some of the larger samplesI've provided to get a sense of what you are buying, but remember these are .jpg images andnot the quality of the .bmp images purchased and can't be easily edited. Most all of the patterns can be edge repeated or overlaid on top of themselves in the Carvewright software or in Windows Paint to cover any size of project. I have also included a couple of cribbage board layouts I've made that will help you get started with some simple projects that I've sold for more then the price of this bundle.

Also included is some information on how to import the filesand othervaluable tips. I will also tell you what free programs I used to make these drawings and one isthe best free program I've found to clean up images taken off the web. With a little tinkering you will be able to clean upyour favorite sports/car/company logos found on the web in a matter of minutes with no .jpg distortion. These images are usually copy righted soI can not ethically sell them, unlike other listings I've seen,but to be used only for personal use.You might find this to be even more valuable then the patterns. If you are like me, you might find the joy of creating an entire project 100% on your own and put back in yourpersonal touch to the machine without having to spend a $1000 on a drawing program. Imagine your favorite mascot or logo set into one of my custom cribbage boards. A great addition to yourmemorabilia.

How to Import Images into CarveWright Designer:

-Open the CarveWright Program -Click on File in the top left corner -Select Import -Select Import Image File -Select From File -Find and double click the desired image to import -Click Next -Set your desired LxWxD -Invert the image if you want. -Floor the edge if you want (I usually have one saved as floored and one unfloored just in case) -Click Finish -Select the folder to save the image under -Enter a File Name in the bottom right corner of the menu box. -Click Save

Thank You and Happy Carving

Legal Stuff

*All digital images providedwere created andlicensed to BCBuzzard Designs and can not be resold or transferred to other parties and are intended for buyers personal use.

*BCBuzzard Designs releases all image rights to the buyer for finished carved products and requires no restitution for monetary gains on said products.

Note: (No Copy Right logo is present due to the corruption it would cause to the carved image.)

Some response's on this item:

Note: The only negative response I've received on this was from a first time er that misunderstood what the response was for and after I cleared up the issues with him he was satisfied but unable to change his response. Just a good reminder to always contact the seller before you leave negative response. Most sellers are willing to help with any problems.

kevinvb1950- "Read-me files helpful addition...fast delivery...just as promised by seller."

lacewing22- "WOW! These patterns are amazing, thank you. The files are huge, a lot of work!!!"

typhoon_owner- "What an awesome collection! Oh man my brains on fire 2 make stuff. Keep it up! 5*"

cheapster2004- "Wow these are first rate patterns. They are perfect I like them all A++++"

bigcheese010- "Received very fast! Lots of information"

wjmm- "Very interesting group of patterns. Try them."

kituser8203- "Great Patterns, Super Fast Delivery, Thanks A+++++"

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