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Conn Director Shooting Star Cornet/trumpet Coprion bell For Sale

Conn Director Shooting Star Cornet/trumpet Coprion bell

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Conn Director Shooting Star Cornet/trumpet Coprion bell:

Conn Director Shooting Star Coprion Bell Cornet 18A?

trumper & cornet lovers- Conn's Coprion bells are renowned for their full, mellow sound, and I can personally attest that this horn lives up to the reputation. Although the Director was designed and marketed as a student horn, the Coprion belled horns really stand out in appearance, playability, and sound, and are worlds apart from newer 'student' model horns. If you're looking for a great sounding, inexpensive, eye-catching horn that's forgiving & a pleasure to play, read on!

Conn designed these instruments to help beginning players advance quickly. This horn slots beautifully, just as Conn promised in their 1962 catalog: "Even the untrained embouchure can easily play each note right on the button due to the remarkably centered response."

Based on the serial number and date of manufacture, this horn is likely a 18A Director model. It is extremely difficult to differentiate between the 17A & 18A models, so I have included links below to help.

What is Coprion?

The excellent Conn Loyalist site says this:

"The process necessary for producing the Coprion bell was developed by Conn in 1938. It consists of electrolytically depositing COPper IONns (hence the name Coprion) onto a stainless steel precision form accurate to millionths of an inch (so Conn said in its 1959 catalog), creating a seamless bell. Coprion isn't the same as a "rose brass" or "red brass" bell; these are brass bells with a higher copper content. Coprion is 100% pure copper. In its advertising for the Coprion bell, Conn showed diagrams of the structure of "ordinary" brass bells compared to the Coprion bell. The brass bell showed an "irregular and hodge podge" crystal structure with comparatively large crystals, while the Coprion bell showed "ions of pure copper side by side in regular, close knit conformation and at right angles to the surface of the metal".

What does Coprion do to the sound and the way the instrument plays?
It is said that on an instrument with a Coprion bell "you can't overblow or 'crack' a note." Also, according to Conn, "Coprion has a special characteristic which permits great dynamic range without change in tone color."
It is generally accepted that high(er) copper content bells make the sound "darker" and have better projection. Jeff Stockham puts it well describing his 1959 10B Victor: "The copper bell also adds projection. This has been borne out by acoustical experiments done by Walter Lawson on french horn bells and by Cliff Blackburn on trumpet bells. Simply put, the high-copper-content bells direct a greater percentage of the energy expended by the player towards the audience, as measured in decibels. The sound of the instrument is less full behind the horn, to the player's ear, but it is richer and louder in front of the horn -- there is significantly increased directional projection. What this means to the player is this: 1) you need to exert less effort to produce a given perceived volume at any point in the performance hall, and 2) the sound remains darker and fuller without becoming shrill or breaking up at high volume levels. So with this 10B I can peel paint off the back wall of the hall if I feel like it, or blow a soaring solo line WITHOUT A MICROPHONE over the top of a screaming big band and still be heard."
The limited experience I have myself with Coprion bell instruments confirms this: it projects like nothing else, the sound doesn't break up or become shrill at high volumees and you can really produce a lot of sound, and the tone color stays more or less the same no matter how loud you play."

Condition- This horn is in decent playable condition, but will need some love and attention to shine. It blows freely, & has a great tonal range. The valves are smooth & quick. The leadpipe has a slight downward tilt, and the bell has a crease and dents (pictured). It is missing the third valve finger ring. All slides move freely and pop when removed, indicating good valve seal. Valve caps are all free and remove easily. The I've tried very hard to offer clear, honest photos, so please do review them carefully.

Serial number: 839xxx
Year of manufacture: 1960 (estimated)
Case: Original Conn tweed in fair condition
Mouthpiece: Not included

More info on this model Conn Loyalist Conn cornet serial numbers Compare the 17A and 18A models

Terms & conditions of this sale

The info below helps ensure that both buyer & seller are clear about the details of this transaction. Please read the following very carefully before offerding. Important: Your offer on this item confirms your agreement to these non-negotiable guidelines.


  • Be sure to use 's automated checkout to make your payment.

  • I only accept PayPal. Payment must be received within three days of sale's end, otherwise I will relist the item.


  • I will only ship to your confirmed PayPal address. Sorry, no exceptions.

  • To avoid insurance and customs hassles, I will ship to the US only. Apologies to my international friends.

  • Packaging, materials, handling, and shipping, and insurance are a flat $29.00 to any address in the continental US. Please ask for rates to Alaska & Hawaii. Sorry, I will not ship to APO or FPO addresses.

  • Your item will be shipped within five business days of receipt of payment, but usually much sooner.

Return policy:

All sales are final, and all items are sold as is. Please review the listing carefully before offerding. I make every possible effort to describe my items accurately, to disclose any defects, and to provide extensive photos. If you have questions whatsoever about an item, please ask before offerding.

Note: I reserve the option to end this sale early as this item is listed for sale locally.

Questions? Please ask! Thanks for offerding!!!
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