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Suzuki Tone Chimes (Hand Bells) 2-Octave Chromatic Set For Sale

Suzuki Tone Chimes (Hand Bells) 2-Octave Chromatic Set

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Suzuki Tone Chimes (Hand Bells) 2-Octave Chromatic Set:

Suzuki 2-Octave Chromatic Tone Chime Set in Case. 25 notes, G4 to G6.
Excellent used condition. A few of the chimes have minor scrapes. The F6 note label is not original (we made it from a scan but it’s a good looking DIY fix). Case has some obvious scuffs and wear but no functional damage. See pictures for condition. Complete—even has accessory case with spare striker head, weights/washers, and wrenches.

Bring the excitement of handbell playing directly to your school, church, or music group with the affordable Suzuki 25-Note Chromatic Tone Chime Set. Suzuki has precision crafted and perfectly tuned these chimes. Lightweight alloy bells have rounded tone chambers for easy handling. Striker mechanisms are adjustable for variable expression. Overtone tuning ensures perfect harmonics. Includes a heavy-duty padded travel case with handle. Model HB-25.

I’ll be listing lots of bells and other musical instruments this week so check out my other listings. Discounted combined shipping available whenever practical. Local pick-up in Chicago is welcome. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

”Your Choice” Shipping

Since you’re paying for the shipping, I think you should be able to choose whatever service you want. You are not limited to the methods shown in the listing. Just send me a note or use the “Request total from Seller” feature to tell me which service you prefer. I do not charge for materials (I reuse shipping materials whenever possible), “handling,” transportation, labor, etc. However I now add a flat 15% to shipping fees to cover PayPal fees and the new “commission” on shipping.

Positive response is greatly appreciated and will be reciprocated. Please contact me with any issues and I’ll do my best to make things right.

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