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Santa Maria 1492 Wood Model Ship Kit - Artesania Latina For Sale

Santa Maria 1492 Wood Model Ship Kit - Artesania Latina

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Santa Maria 1492 Wood Model Ship Kit - Artesania Latina:

Santa Maria 1492 Wood Model Ship Kitby Artesania Latina 1:65 scale Length: 560 mm (22-1/32") Height: 485 mm (19-2/32") Beam: 160mm (6-9/32") You are offerding on a wooden kit of the Santa Maria, made famous by Christopher Columbus's 1492 voyage. The kit is in excellent condition and has not been started in any way. All the laser cut piece are still attached to their original wood sheets and the 2 large plastic boxes containing all the fittings are sealed shut and do not appear to have ever been opened. Latina rates the difficulty level at two anchors, recommended for beginning to intermediate modelers. The contents of this model appear to be pristine and untouched. Although everything appears to be fully complete, I cannotguarantee this 100% as I have not taken an inventory of the hundreds of parts included. Therefore, I am selling this kit as-is with no returns.The outer box is not pristine and shows some wear. Having said this, I personally believe you will be very happy with this kit. FEATURES: Hand sewn and sized cloth sails.
All-wood construction features african walnut, mukali, plywood, and sapelli.
Brass hardware such as eyebolts, hinges, capstan, nails and more.
Two colors of brown thread for realistic rigging applications.
INCLUDES: One Latina 1/65 Santa Maria Model Kit with pre-sewn sails, all
fittings and rigging, all deck planking, hull, masts, bowsprit, two rolls of rigging thread, flag, photo-illustrated instruction sheet and plans. No paints are included as many builders would choose to present this model in its natural state.
REQUIRES: Building tools, glue.This beautiful model will be almost 2 feet long when completed! "The Santa Maria, originally named 'La Gallega', was owned by Juan de la Cosa, who sailed with Columbus as his Captain. On the 3rd of August 1492 she left the Spanish harbour of Palos de la Frontera, bound for the Canary Islands together with the carvels 'Pinta' and Nina'. On the 12th of October 1492 the sailor Rodrigo de Triana first sighted the land of the New World. They also discovered the islands of San Salvador, Juana, Fernandia, Isabel and Hispaniola. On Christmas Eve 1492 the Santa Maria hit a reef and broke up off the coast of Haiti. Her wood was used to build Fort Navidad, the first European colony in the New World."


Please use the shipping calculator to calculate shipping to your location. I will ship worldwide, however please calculate your shipping cost before you offersince shipping outside of Canada and the U.S.can be expensive, as this is a large and heavy kit.

I have tried to show as much detail on the photos and provide as accurate a description as possible. If you have any other questions, please e-mail me before offerding.The winning buyeris expected to contact me within 2 days of the end of the sale and I expect to receive payment via Paypal within 3 days of the end of the sale. If payment is not received, the item will be relisted and the buyer will be reported to . International buyers will be responsible for any taxes or duties charged by their local governments and should enquire with their local authoritiesas to these costs prior to offerding. Iam open and honest in all of my dealings. Please do not offer unless you intend to buy!

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