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Large Rare South Pacific Golden Cowrie Shell For Sale

Large Rare South Pacific Golden Cowrie Shell

This item has been shown times.

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Large Rare South Pacific Golden Cowrie Shell :

Large Rare Golden Cowrie Shell - Cypraea aurantium

From a huge Hawaii collection -

  • Measures 3 1/4" in length
  • Cypraea aurantium.
  • Intense coloring, deep golden peach
  • No imperfections or flaws, a true gem
  • Very difficult to photograph, appears much better in person
  • Read more about these elusive mollusks at National Geographic


Due to recent problems with inexperienced ers, we ask that buyerswith less than 20 responses, contact us before offerding.

Returns/refunds are not accepted but we will make exceptions, if the item was grossly misrepresented. But please keep in mind that our items are for those who want character and uniqueness of bygone eras. Vintage items show wear that come with age and one should expect minor imperfections. However, we will do our best to list any and all major damages or flaws. And make note that computer calibrations can alter color. If you have any questions regarding condition, color or other, please contact us before sales end.

We pride ourselves on being honest sellers but we are human, thus mistakes can be made. Please extend the courtesy of contacting us with any problems within 3 days of receipt of purchase and we will do our utmost to resolve the issue.

offer with confidence as we have been an member since 1999 and have over 2000 positive responses!! If you have any questions or need more photos, please contact us.

Please visitus at www.MaunaKeaGalleries.com

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