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Vintage 79 Chicago Schwinn SPITFIRE 5 Beach Cruiser For Sale

Vintage 79 Chicago Schwinn SPITFIRE 5 Beach Cruiser

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Vintage 79 Chicago Schwinn SPITFIRE 5 Beach Cruiser :

OriginalChicago built1979 Schwinn SPITFIRE Beach Cruiser with original 5 speeds, springer (yes, thiscame originally on the bicycle and has the S on it!), and drum brakes front and rear (Yes, the front drum brake ismade byAtomfor Schwinn!).Serial numberKP523634Original reflectors front andrear and original reflectorsattached to the spokes of both wheels. Seat post ischromed and longer so it will fit a tall person. The original blueSchwinn grips are in nice condition and included(I forgot to take a photo of them). Thegrips that are on the bike areof courseincluded and vintage. The are softer and very comfortable. They say Schwinn on them but I'm told are a rare hard to find reproduction (I paid $30 for these).

This was abarn yard find I purchased from the original ownerwhoboughtthis Schwinnnew and then after riding it a little bit had stored it for years. (It cost me plenty I'll tell you.)It had the original gumwall tires and I've replaced them with Schwinn Typhoon Cord tires 26 x 2.15. These have whitewalls, the brick pattern, and ride much smoother.

When I purchased this it only had the rear brake with one brake lever. I addeda newatom brake which was exactly what Schwinn offered at the timethe bike wasmanufactured. I hunted and hunted to find one of theseand paid $300 for it. It was brand new and the aluminum had been polished to a beautiful shine. I had it installed by Vintage Bicycles in Garden Grove along with buying a matchingbrake lever for it and the correct cables. I also had themgo completely over the bicycle,redo the back disc brake, replace a cable line, and give it a tune upwith any adjustmentsthey could find. The onlyparts the bicycle was missing was a few clamps that hold the cables (It's hard to get anyone to sell you these little things) and they put new old stock ones on.

All it needsnow is the seat LOL!I had put on a Brooks b90/3 leather saddle.These seats are unbelivabley comfortable. I had searched and searched (I advertised for3 months on Craigslist to find one) and finally got one but had to pay $350 for it. I knowmany people wouldn't care to pay forthe bicycle with it on so I'm listing it in a separate sale. You can easily buy the original black Mesenger seat for this bike for $30-$50 and they're quite comfortable. Electra also makes a very comfortable seat that runs about$30. Personally, I would very highly recommend the Brooks b33 saddle which comes in brown or black leather. It was made at the same time period as the bike andthey still make themthe same today. Super comfortable even when new andthey just get better and better. Theypop up quite often on and sell around $130 in nice used condition and $180 new.

My whole goal with this bicyle was to have the most comfortable, practical, andbest riding all original Chicago Schwinncruiser around.This bike rides flawlessly and smooth. No noise or rattles and everything works perfectly. All the gears work like a charm and shift effortlessly. The Schwinn springer makes riding over any bumps actually fun and comfortable.With the front atom disc brakealong with the back disc brake you can really stop. Allwork was done recently and everything is in tip top shape. Even the comfortable grips are new old stock.If you want a high quality well made Chicago Schwinn bicycle that looks great, getLOTS of complements,and is FUN TO RIDE, this is it!

This is the original paint and it has some nicks but nothingbad. It has not been touched up at all and still has all the stickers. Theblocky Schwinn letters on the top bar have become darker and discolored.They could be replaced but I personally like this patina. By the way, this is the earlier, much rarer and harder to findSPITFIRE 5, which ismore desirable and worth more than the Cruiser5.

If anyone has any more questions please write me and I'll try to answer them. Oh, I guess I should mention the vintage tires are in nice condition but I bought them used with a little wear because I was told if I put on new old stockwhite walls it would look funny ona vintage bicycle. I did put in new tubes at the same time and all this was donerecently.

The last thing I was planning was having therear aluminum drum brake polished but I hadn't gotten around to it. The rims are true but would lookbetter polished, too.The bikeis very beautiful and sits in the corner of my living room. I'm sorry, Ididn't mean to write such an essay here! AsI look at itI just remember all the thingsI had done, the work, and the time into it so it's worth pointing out. I'm selling it to add extra money towards my condo's paymentsand that's the only reason.

Good luck to all buyers. My reserve is quite a bit less than half what I'vespent on this. I'm sorry, butIwill not end the sale early as I don't think it's fair to other buyers, Please note100% perfect response with many high end sales. I'M SORRY, I DO NOT WANT TOPACKAGE THIS AND I'MOFFERING LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Good luck to all buyers!


Local pick up only in Huntington Beach.

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