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Be sure to check my other sales because there is a DVD on how to Remove and Reinstallthese transmissions from the vehicles.

Attention: There are TWO (2)different DVD’s available for this transmission,DVD (1)is how-todo a Stock4T65E rebuildORDVD 2 is how-to build a High Performance 4T65E. You do not get both

DVD 1, Stock Rebuild version: This DVD Video Manual is a Complete Step-By-Step Tear Down, Inspection and a STOCK REBUILD of any 1997 and up 4T65E GM Front wheel drive transmission.This DVDis2 Hours and 35 minutes long. Not only does ittear down, inspect,and thenrebuild a 4T65Ebut it willteach you how-to rebuild all of the following items: direct clutch, input drum, third gear clutch, input clutch,roller clutch, overdrive clutch, intermediate clutch, all the bands and servo assemblies, duel sprag assembly, all of the seals including how to use a lip seal tool that can be bought here on or from a company like Snap On tools, how-to do a dry clutch pack test for the overdrive clutch drum while it's still out of the transmission (very helpful so if there's a damaged or missing seal or even if there's a crack in the piston you'll be able to find it before putting the transmission back together, saving youtime and more importantly money), check ball placement is coveredin both the crossover plate and the valve body, all the accumulator assembles, complete front pump rebuild, how-to check the clutch packs for clearance, total unit& finial drive clearancesand it tells you what they should be set at, how to inspect all of the critical internal parts with just some emery paper a straight edge and a feeler gauge, and it even gives you ALL of the torque specs that you will need for the 4T65E Transmission.

DVD 2, High Performance version: This DVD Video Manual includes all of the above steps but the informationis adapted and addedfor the use in aHigh Performance4T65E, This video also goes through thestep-by-step install process of a valve body shift kit, different chain options, how-to modify the hydraulic apply circuits, different horsepower ratings for different clutch packs, supply more oil to the support bushings, proper clutch pack preparation, how-to modify the drum apply area for a better grip, and has a lot of tips and tricksin orderto build a 4T65E transmission to run cooler, shift faster/harder/firmer, reduce shift overlap, increase line pressure rise, get lower aEt for drag racing, and of course handle more torque and horsepower. This DVD is 3 hours long and is an additional $10.00 compared to the stock 4T65EDVD. if you would like the High Performance DVD use the Buy It Now (but do not pay rightaway)and then Email me saying that you want this DVD and I will change the invoice for you then you can pay for this item. (the payment must be all in one transaction)

PSthese DVD's would also be great if you are working on a 4T60E 4T60-Ebecause it is basically the same transmission just GM rated it as a lighter duty trans.

response Says it all, Here is what some past buyers of this item had to say about it...

This is a great video. Well worth the money if you are doing a Buyer: Stormstrikes

Fantastic DVD. Very clear information...way better than a manual..thank you!!!!! Buyer: Cobracar007

Very Good DVD, Could not ask for anything Buyer: 382jt

Great dvd - great Buyer: Shoein24

I loved the High Performance DVD, It was everything I Buyer: Crazyclown

Great to do business with. Very Accurate, Looking Forward to next Buyer: 8937greg

Dammed Pleased Great er, Awesome Buyer: Gabby5575

Very industrious. Provided exactly what was needed. Easy to Buyer: 80streasureseeker

Good video to learn from and follow along Buyer: 2002Bigride

Fast and Great price. Great Buyer: Scottrinne

Well done video, Would buy from Buyer: Willywood_63

Video was very Informative Buyer: 4601n21

EXCELLENT DVD and fast shipping. Thanks A+++++ Buyer: Miko22134

Great Video!!!All the info I Absinthecow

Great Video - Keep em coming - I’ll be back for more Buyer: Sharp6932

Great Service, Quick Shipping, Buyer: Iewon1234

This video was a Great Buyer: Arkaneking

Don’t forget to check out my other sales For More Videos, who knows you might find something else that you might need, because there are shipping discounts available for multiple sale winners. Good Luck and Happy offerding.

Frequently asked questions and Answers:

Q: Is my item Shipped out yet? Because you have not contacted me. A: I have NEVER not sent out an item, there is no need to check up on this end of the transaction, everything will be taking care of, I only contact the buyer if there isa problem.

Q: What if I Do Not buy insurance and the item gets destroyed in the mail? A: If youDo Not buyinsurance and something like that happens, thenIwill not do anything, I’m not the post office, so I do not have any power or control over what happens with the items after they leave my hands, Now if you DO buy insurance, then I will do my best to right the situation.

Q: Can I have the Tracking number for this item, so that I know when it is going to get here?A: I do not use an actual tracking number, I use delivery confirmation, which just tells if the item has been delivered yet, it does not give a ...to be delivered on day/time... and it does not say where it is at this moment in time. If you live in the USA then paypal will have sent you an email with the subject ...Your item has been sent using Paypal... and it has all the information in it like the confirmation number, who it was sent out with, the weight of the item, and the day that it was sent out on. Onceyour itemis in the hands of the post office, then I no longer have any say in how fast it moves, I have a great response rating because I have never screwed any ers over by not sending out their item and I am not planningto start doing that.

Q: I went online and it can’t find the tracking number, why is that?A: One of two reasons, number one, they have not updated the website, number two, no post office employee has manually scanned the package yet.

Terms of Sale: All items are sold AS-IS unless otherwise stated with no Warranty. Buyer is to pay all shipping costs no refunds at all for shipping. HOWEVER Refunds Are Available, but the item MUST be in the same condition as it was sent out and there is a 25 percent restocking fee.Payment is expected within 3 days of purchase or you can email me with the reason within those three days I am very lenient so I am willing to listen. No Pickupsfor this sale (too small of an item I usually reserve that for Transmissions and such).

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