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o 200 continental For Sale

o 200 continental

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o 200 continental:

1959 O-200 continental from a Cessna 150. When I bought the airplane I kept all the engin componets to use in an experimental but have since sold that plane. I kept everything that pertained to the engine so there should be very little missing other than a crank to build this engine. But I am not an A&P so there may be an item or two that needs replacement.

Includes acessory case,mags, carb (in pieces but good), starter, generator (looks new), gears,valves etc. I think everything is there including some extras. Also there is a fuel pump that may be to the injectors you see. I know a very few O 200's came with fuel injection but I don't think this was one of them so the origional owner probable considered converting this one over. There are alot of electrical parts that come with this engine. They look like the origional wireing harness and couplings.

I took it to my machinist to have checked out and found out it had a prop strike so the crank has hairline cracks in the prop flange. The case is servicable but needs to be line bored. Cylinders also need to be bored but are good. Eagle engines said 15 tousandths over should be fine. My machinist said most everything else looks servicable with a good cleaning. If you are looking to build an O 200 this will save you scrounging for a lot of miscelaneous parts.

I can crate to ship for $100.00 Plus shipping.Must ship common carrier.

Any Questions please e-mail or call me on my cell at 530-524-6484

Thanks, Hank

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