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General Hydroponics AeroFlo2 18 Review

The General Hydroponics AeroFlo2 18 pod growing system comes with a 17-gallon reservoir and 18 plant sites, the AeroFlo² 18 site is a good starter system for those who want a compact, high performance hydroponics system that is well-suited to growing lettuce, basil, and other small plants up to three feet in height.

The AeroFlo² 18 is 2′ x 5′ 2″ and includes the following items in the box:

• 17 gallon reservoir
• Three 4 ft. grow chambers
• waterPower 120 pump
• injection manifold
• support structure
• 3″ grow cups
• CocoTek Coco cups and Hydroton
• 3 part Flora Kit

After un-boxing all of the parts, assembly is fairly simple and straightforward as the i

General Hydroponics AeroFlo2 18

nstructions include detailed pictures and diagrams showing each step needed to get the system up and running quickly.

The reservoir is setup first by installing the hydroponic pump, drain plug and top cover.   Next the growing chambers are place on the support legs and associated piping is connected to the pumping system. The reservoir should always be drained first before draining the growing chambers. This will prevent overfilling of the reservoir and possible flooding.

Plentiful light, appropriate temperature and sufficient ventilation are critical for fast growth, healthy hydroponic plants and higher yields. Hydroponic exhaust fans can be used to increase airflow around the plants.  Make sure to position the AeroFlo system in a warm, well-lit, well ventilated setting, such as an outdoor garden, sunlit window, patio or greenhouse.  For indoor settings use the appropriate grow lights to supplement for the lack of sunlight.

Proper hydroponic nutrient solutions are essential for the accelerated performance of mineral nutrients enriched with the healthy, flavorful characteristics of organics. Keep the nutrient solution temperature below 75° F and change the nutrient solution every 7-10 days.  Top off with fresh water between nutrient changes and keep the nutrient solution aerated for best results. The pH of the nutrient solution affects the availability of the elements contained within so make sure to maintain the hydroponic nutrient pH between 5.5 – 6.5.

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