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Homemade Indoor NFT Hydroponics System

Take a look at this very well done homemade indoor NFT hydroponics system that our hydroponics forum member Txice built. NFT Hydroponics stands for Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponics, where the nutrients are delivered via a recirculating stream of solution that is driven by a water pump.

The nutrients in Txice’s setup are fed through drip lines that are hanging over each pot. The PVC pipes used are 6″ pipes and are angled slightly down so that the nutrient solution can flow back down to the containment reservoir. The setup allows for the nutrient solution to be easily changed without disturbing the roots of the plants.

The nutrient pump is on a timer that runs for 15 minutes every hour. Hanging above the plants is an adjustable set of grow lights that can be raised up as the plants grow higher. The grow lights are on a time as well running for 16 hours per day.

Right now this hydroponics system is growing brocoli, iceberg lettuce, black seeded simpson lettuce from seeds that were set in rockwool cubes and are now set into the pots with hydroton growing medium. Txice is also trying out some strawberry sprouts that were bought from Walmart. Special thanks to Txcie for sharing his new setup with us! You can ask questions of discuss this setup by viewing his NFT Hydroponics forum thread.

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