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Hydroponic Tents and Grow Boxes

Some hydroponic gardeners have a preference to keep what they’re growing in a definitive enclosed environment.  If you don’t have the money to buy a hydroponic tent, you can always use an empty cupboard but you will need to make it light proof, feed in a light supply and ensure circulation of air. You may have the problem that while your plants start off fitting inside the cupboard, they might out grow it, so you will have the added complication of re-housing your plants.

Hydroponic tents come in various sizes and we stock different makes of hydroponic tents in our shop. They are totally light proof so you know that you won’t have a problem with light spillage from inside the tent and outside light will not intrude during necessary dark periods. Hydroponic tents can be quite expensive due to the light containing material they’re created from.

A hydroponics grow box is another device for growing a self contained environment. These automated growing systems are normally totally enclosed, and contain a built in grow lights, intake and hydroponic exhaust fans system for ventilation, hydroponics system for growing, and odor control system for removing smells and odors. Some of the more sophisticated grow box units include air conditioning to keep running temperatures in check, as well as CO2 systems to boost the plant’s hydroponic growth rate. Grow boxes are generally used by indoor gardeners who do not have a patch of soil to grow in, or by dwellers of high-rise condos who lack a garden. They are also popular with year round gardeners who wish to grow plants out of season, and in the dead of winter. These hydroponic grow box systems are usually very easy to use, and allow the hydroponic gardener to fine-tune all aspects of a plant’s surroundings to perfection for optimal growth.

1 comment to Hydroponic Tents and Grow Boxes

  • Alan

    There are loads of grow tents out there but finding one with value, and worth the money is a difficult task most times. I have always considered making my own to save some money, but they have never usually turned out to be that great – so have kept to the safe side with grow tents from various shops.

    A great read, i enjoy growing various plants and vegetables – one of my main hobbies definitely.

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