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new drip system
I thinking about not using drip lines for the 8, 4inch pots but maybe the drainage from the 8inch pots will allow the 4 inch pots wick the nutrients.
full view old tv stand for the base...still need a light....and will be assembling a tent with the mylar and pvc pipe
16 pot set up.....the 4inch pots will be getting there own drip lines later.
drip heads and stakes....coco chips, hydroton, silica stone, I'm not sure yet....going to the local hydroponics store tomorrow I guess I will make my...
the large pot is a bed riser the 4inch pots were free from a local nursery the bed risers i got from walmart.
crucial part missing
210 gph pump
27 gal tote, 210 gph pump, 8 10inch pots and 6 4inch pots,
top drip system and the 4inch pots at the bottom will wick up the nutreints.

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