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Some home hydroponics
I gave up competing with gum tree roots and decided to put everything above ground.
New strawberry plantings.  Their nutrient delivery is a little different to the other plants.
Leeks always do well
Tomato picking by my good lady (who loves my hydroponic vegetables!).   Note the rampant leaf growth on the strawberries at left, the reason why I...
Two connected 160litre tanks.  Pumps are simple fish tank variety, very reliable.  White drain pipe is where excess nutrient recycles back to the...
Redbeet do well in hydroponics  -  they can grow quite large but still tender and tasty
Capsicum  -  easily grown hydroponically
Tasty tomatoes leave supermarket varieties for dead.  Nutrient is delivered via a 19mm PVC pipe which simply sits on top of the laundry buckets.  Two...

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