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Hydroponic Setup Pictures
Greenhouse lettuce starts
The 3ltr unit of six bottles has tomatoes in one pic and passion flower (pasiflora) in another.
Hydroponic Broccoli
classroom aqua2
Those units are now full of ivy and doing very well with nutrient that I make from 20-20-20 found at a local farmers supply, epsom salt, and calcium...
The 6 ft. long, seven-pipe NFT I have used on a number of crops. The pics labeled "mustdgreens" are just that. Beautiful and delicious, sauteed in...
There is also a picture of a bubbler seated on this unit that is great for rooting clones. I have gotten hundreds off plants off of one plant (that...
The three rows of tomato plants in NFT are in 4" pipes with about 18" spacing, 10 ft. long each. This is my newest endeavor, being fed up with...
The pic labeled watermelons really are! Don't quite know how I'm going to orchestrate that one . . . Much of the vines I expect to dip down below the...
The indoor shots are an attempt of mine to grow aquaponically, with goldfish, in my classroom. I teach English, by the way, not science. The fish...

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