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My First System
Here is the system after about two and a half weeks.  I have added romaine lettuce, cucumbers and brocolli to the leaf lettuce.  I lost two of the...
Here is the system after about two and a half weeks.
Results after one week of growth.  The other four loose leaf lettuce plants.
Results after one week of growth.  Three of seven loose leaf lettuce plants.
The inside of the new propagation tray.  The media is perlite in cellose cups.  The flags identify the lucky first seeds to be sown, brocolli,...
My new propagation tray
Here is the new arrangement of the flood tank & reservoir.  This will eliminate the constant movement of the flood tank to allow for solution...
My first system.  Sorry for the dark picture.  It is a simple ebb & flow system.  I have a 27 gallon reservoir and a 130 gph pump.
Close up for the flod tank with six 4" baskets filled with hydroton.  I'm also using T5 flourecent lighting with 6500K bulbs.
A picture of some loose leaf lettuce seedlings that I moved to the system on 6 Sept 2011.  This is the first plants in the system.  In all there are...
Lettuce growth as of 10 Sept 2011.

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