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mikkelebbesen 03-28-2017 02:35 PM

The three main challenges of the hydroponic farmer
What are the three main challenges you as an hydroponic farmer?

Hi folks,

I'm unsure, whether "farmer" is the right term, so please excuse me if not :).

As many of you are probably experienced in hydroponics, I hope you are willing to share some of your experiences, views and insights with me. I'm currently working on a project called FoodKRAFT in Denmark (www.kraftcenter.dk). FoodKRAFT is a melting pot for everyone who wants to contribute to a sustainable production food.

As part of FoodKRAFT, we want to establish a social business with the aim of inspiring and inspiring more people to become farmers in every sustainable way possible. Hydroponics is one of the production methods in which we see a huge potential that will allow to feed the additional 2bn, who will join our world in the years to come.

And why do we reach out to you guys? Because we want to equip aspiring farmers to solve the most critical challenges ahead of them - and you are the ones who know what challenges to focus on. Sharing is caring!

Your help is much appreciated.


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