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watercatwn6535nd 04-28-2012 04:24 AM

agro towers in hydro
Hydroponic Green House - YouTube

GpsFrontier 04-28-2012 05:36 AM

Nice progress watercatwn6535nd, cant wait to see it in full bloom.

Stan 04-29-2012 06:22 PM

Checked out the video, that's a really nice set up!!!

I watched 1 of your other videos and I see you have a Mokai. I remember about 10 years ago seeing them at a local fishing show. I have always been interested in getting 1. I was using an Ocean Kayak for about 11 years but now I'm disabled so can't paddle around anymore. After seeing your video it kinda gives me the itch to buy 1.The company is about an hours drive away from where I live. Whats your thoughts on the Mokai?

watercatwn6535nd 04-29-2012 07:01 PM

Cant be beat for a small power boat for one person. If you get one mention my name so i can get the credit. who ever recommends the most in a year gets a new one for free.

Here are a couple fun video's from this winter.

Curt Michael Jeff Take on The mighty Skagit River & live to tell the story - YouTube

Cruising Puget Sound with my MO-WHO polethelyne jet powered boat - YouTube

Kerbouchard 04-29-2012 07:20 PM

Quite a setup - nice job! I haven't done much research into exactly how much space would be required to support a family of 2/4/6. This is definitely something I'd like to find out, though. How many are you trying to support, and how many more seasons do you think until it's producing at full capacity?

Looks like you have a great setup there. I like the idea of putting the AgroTowers on top of the drums like that, and that pump is enough of a monster that height doesn't seem to matter much!

watercatwn6535nd 04-30-2012 03:22 PM

food for a family
I have never in all my readings or visits to other green houses ever met a person that had seen proof of what it takes to grow enough food for a family of a certain size.

There have been several authors and web page builders that have quoted numbers but not a single one of them had shown long term system with facts and proof. Mostly guess's.

I built as big as i could for the space i have. 25x 25 11ft to the bottom of the trusses and 17ft at the peak. To truly grow food of any volume you have to decide on if you will can food and dry food. or grow all year around and probably some drying and canning? to grow all year around and to extend the grow periods to allow for some volume of food. lighting has to be added to extend growing periods as well to create flowering periods out side the norms.

I am adding a back up power generator for the green house and also using the exhaust for co2 manipulation in the winter when its not venting from warmer temps and the grow period would naturally be slowed. I'm hoping the co2 will help to increase the yield as well as each planter will have its own light.

Then of course to optimize growth and to have the easiest most adjustable feeding over the course of different seasons I'm using 3 part GH since i think it is the easiest feed for adjusting.

after you get all this up and running you still have to use plants that will produce individual yields that will produce enough food to actually feed your family. for example cherry tomatoes take as much space and feed as a larger beef steak which will yield much more over all weight of food. But then when you decide on that beef steak you now have to choose which one for your green house and not just for a summer plant but a all season plant. remember what you plant in a green house will become a perinatal and can be flowered and fruited all year around and some plants are going to do better growing and fruiting year around.

Stan 04-30-2012 10:40 PM


Originally Posted by watercatwn6535nd (Post 9615)
Cant be beat for a small power boat for one person. If you get one mention my name so i can get the credit. who ever recommends the most in a year gets a new one for free.

Will let you know if I get 1. I just have to convince my better half to see if I could get it. I have always loved fishing from a kayak. I have a 19' boat now but it's a lot of money each year to keep it up and running especially in saltwater. By the way watched both videos and was impressed. Looks like your doing more than a few miles on those trips. Also liked the part where you see the bald eagle sitting up on the tree, that was cool!

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