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lelebloom 05-21-2018 05:16 PM

Conversion from Grams per Meter Square to Grams per Liter
Hello, please I am getting crazy in converting from Grams per Meter Square to Grams per Liter. Can't find any explanation in whole internet.
I have a fertilizer which says 30Grams/m2 so I want to know how much is this in liters in order to feed my hydroponic system!
I need to have it in grams per liter like 3g/L or 30g/L ?
Thank you !

GpsFrontier 05-21-2018 08:44 PM

Hello lelebloom,
First, the reason you cant find a conversion is their is none. second you can't use nutrients designed for soil plants in a hydroponic system and expect good results.

lelebloom 05-22-2018 07:15 AM

How is different a solid diluited fertilizer from a liquid one? is not.
The problem persist evevn if I want to use diluited organic matters.

For a liquid fertilizer for hydroponic you read 10 ml per Liter, so you if you have a reservoir of 2 liters, you will add 20 ml.
Got it until here?

If you have instead a solid ferilzer which states 30g per m SQUARE not cubic.
How is converted in liters? how much of these should I put in my reservoir of 2 liters?
If it had something like30g per liter I would have add 60 grams but nothing is stated.
JUST 30grams per squared meters. like so:

How would you use it in Hydroponics?

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