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GpsFrontier 03-09-2009 03:24 AM

nutrient oops, is it a problem?
I am using General Hydroponics Flora series nutrients and I dubbled the Floramicro by accident for a total of:
FloraGro 8 oz
FloraMicro 8 oz
FloraBloom 4 oz
in 22 gallons of solution with about 6.0 ph for bell peppers. I didn't want to through it out and start over but I am wondering if I should. Any thoughts?

Mathmattx 03-11-2009 01:42 AM

Plant wont absorb more nutrients than they need, so from a concentration standpoint you should be ok (with the size of your resovoir). Keep an eye on the pH and watch for root stress. if you love your crop....dump it, start over and watch out next time :)

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