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Dis2cruise 01-27-2015 09:35 PM

Rock wool question....just add water OR water with nutrients
Not sure which is correct seen both done what's your thoughts?

GpsFrontier 01-28-2015 12:49 AM

What are you talking about??

Dis2cruise 01-28-2015 08:19 AM

Sorry I actually have the flu so my head was a bit groggy, lol.

I'm Starting my seeds in rock wool for my hydroponics system and placing them in a seed starting tray should I add a little nutrient to the water than add it to the
ROck wool or just add water and no nutrients.

GpsFrontier 01-28-2015 08:28 AM

If the seeds haven't sprouted yet they don't need any nutrients. It's a waste to use them at this point but wouldn't hurt anything. A couple of days after they sprout I would start using a very diluted nutrient. Something like 10% to 25% of the full strength nutrient solution.

firedirt 01-29-2015 08:38 PM

I have not have had the greatest luck with rock wool but when I was I just used straight water till they sprouted. I have found that using agro max starter plugs work great usually have the seeds sprout in about 24-36 hours with a heat mat under the starter container with a high humidity dome.

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