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Bill 02-13-2009 01:47 AM

Help.... I bought some stuff called 'Hydro-Gro
Help.... I bought some stuff called 'Hydro-Gro' in a 50 lb box, a big bag of Calcum Nitrate and Potasium Nitrate (for after blooming).

My question is, I'm dumping this all into a 110 gallon contain and pumping out to my plants (130 tomato plants.

How many teaspoons of the Hydro-Gro do I need put in to that 110 gallon container.

If you've got a math forumla, please give some examples.

Does anyone know of a website that will calculate all up ???? This is very confusing to me.

thank, bill

Ron 02-13-2009 01:47 AM

For 100 gallons of water mix 10 OZ (.625 lb.) of fertilizer.
8 OZ (.50 lb.) of Calcium Nitrate for maturing plants or 4 OZ for seedlings.
4 OZ (.25 lb) of Epson Salt for maturing plants 2 OZ for seedlings
Adjust pH to your crop.

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