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Dis2cruise 01-08-2015 09:19 AM

Going to build a hydroponics tower need some questions answered
I'm trying to purchase some of my items on Amazon or another online company

Do I need or is this item correct and would you suggest another type/ brand...

1. HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester, 0-9990 ppm Measurement Range , 1 ppm Resolution, +/- 3% Readout Accuracy?

2. AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor?

3. And as far as ph -/+ goes is this an ok brand to purchase...

General Hydroponics GH1514 Ph Control Kit.

4. I also need the clay balls that go into the nett pots should I purchase these at Amazon?

Is Amazon the place to purchase all of these items for my hydroponics or are there other companies out there that have comparable prices.

Thank you!

GpsFrontier 01-08-2015 09:15 PM

Can you post a link to the products your referring to?

Dis2cruise 01-08-2015 09:44 PM

Here you go...
1. Amazon.com: 1. HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester, 0-9990 ppm Measurement Range , 1 ...

2. Amazon.com - AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity Monitor - Weather Stations

3. http://www.amazon.com/General-Hydrop...eral++gh1514ph

4. Amazon.com : HDE Grower's Toolbox- Digital pH Meter and TDS Water Temperature Purity Salinity ppm Pen for Hydroponic Pool Aquarium Fish Tank Water Quality : Patio, Lawn & Garden

GpsFrontier 01-10-2015 05:26 AM

Hello Dis2cruise,
Some people buy everything from amazon and/or eBay. Personally I have never bought anything from amazon so I just cant say anything about their customer service one way or the other. I have bought from eBay many years ago with good results, however you should always check out the seller before you buy from them (online and eBay). As for the products you listed. Any decent TDS/EC meter will run you about $80-$100. But You don't really need one anyway. If you have extra money lying around, that's fine, but otherwise don't bother getting a EC/TDS meter.

The AcuRite weather station products are pretty good. But don't expect them to last forever. I have had mine for over 7 years, and the remote censor doesn't work anymore, and I don't really trust the humidity sensor anymore either. But I placed my remote sensor in outside in extreme heat during summer and that may have caused it to fail early. But the AcuRite products aren't expensive and work well.

As for the general hydroponics pH drops kit, that is the only pH testing product you will need. However the one you linked to comes with 8oz each of pH up and pH down. When that runs out I suggest you get the dry pH adjustors. The dry adjustors are far more cost effective. They each generally run about $10-$12 for a 2.2 lb container.

As for the grow rocks (clay balls), it doesn't really mater where you get them from. If you don't have a hydroponics shop close by, they may cost a bit to have shipped to you. Just look around for the best price, but don't forget to figure in the shipping cost. I try and find places close to me to have heavy things like that shipped from to lower shipping charges.

yongkangguyuehu 01-13-2015 04:06 AM

Apart from Amazone...
Hello, apart from Azazone, you can seach these items on aliexpress, alibaba. Or you can also google your tools on google and find the suppliers from sample. Our company have samples for gardeners/

Dis2cruise 01-13-2015 09:30 AM

Thanks everyone for your help👍

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